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The Olympics are being used to actually continue this logic of dividing the city that started in 1902 when the city and public officials used public power to push out poor people, to use public monies to benefit real-estate speculation.

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We had many criticisms of the Olympics as a project, especially because they followed this logic of expansion away from the city where there’s very little infrastructure and continued this historical pattern of rich occupation of the Atlantic coast of Rio. So it uses public money to finance this expansion into these zones and very rich real-estate speculators benefited from this use of public funds.

For example, the Olympics park, the golf course, and the Olympics village were all built in [the neighborhood of] Barra—originally a very green area. It was a public space and the territory was sold to these construction consortiums at under market value. We just marched before the opening ceremonies against these priorities. Unfortunately, it ended in violence where the police threw a type of tear gas that I hadn’t ever experienced before.


All the firms and the parties that have been shown to be involved in corruption at the national level are the very same ones operating here in Rio at the local level for the Olympics. It’s very difficult to believe that the [ruling party] PMDB and construction consortium Odebrecht weren’t operating under the same forms of corruption that have been revealed at the national level.

We know that these firms and the real-estate agencies are big donors to these political parties, so from the beginning that makes us suspicious. Furthermore, we know that the land was undervalued, but other factors are at play. The minister of labor investigated some of the construction sites and found that there were slave-like conditions in the construction of the athletic villages. And as for the building of the new Olympic golf course… the city didn’t need to do it. Rio already has two golf courses that could have been adapted very easily, but instead, the city went about constructing a new golf course in an area of environmental protection rather than updating these other preexisting golf courses.