• A routine swim set, and a favorite with Coach Mark Rauterkus is 25 25s on 25.
    • That means 25 repetitions of 25 yards on 25-seconds interval for each.
  • At SDA17 the challenge was to do 25 times 25-feet, (one pool width) on :25 seconds. All the squads did this challenge on week 4 of camp.
  • At SDA16 the challenge was to run 25 times of 25-yards (lane line taken outside onto the patio) on :25 seconds.

Connection to Digital BadgesEdit

This routine is approved for earning the Digital Badges/Exercises/Routines.


Within the formula, 25 x 25s @ :25 (routine), the first 25 represents the repetitions. The second 25 is the distance. Generally is is 25 yards. It could be meters too. This set was once done as 25 x 25-meters @ :25-seconds all butterfly by senior swimmers in Wharenui Swim Club in New Zealand (also known as NZL) Flag of New Zealand. The interval is :25 seconds. But, the set has a break after five reps. So, it would be more clearly written as 5 x (5 x 25yards @ :25) with :55 seconds of rest between sets.


Coach's callEdit

  • Coach Mark Rauterkus loves to get the teams to do this set every 2 or 3 weeks. The swimmers make mental notes about how far they went with the set, finishing it all, or just to a certain point. At the beginning of the season, certain athletes will get fatigued. A few weeks later, a vast improvement can be realized. By the middle of the season the conditioning is felt and swimmers attack the repeats, swimming as fast as possible. By the end of the season, doing other strokes is encouraged.
  • With the swim team, doing 25 x 25s @ :25 (routine) often happens at the end of practices.

Pace clock send off Edit

  • Begin when the hand is at the top (:00) of the pace clock.
  • Swim for 25 yards. Be quick.
  • Swim second length when the pace clock is at the :25.
  • Swim 3rd length as clock hits the :50.
  • 4th send-off happens when the clock reaches the :15.
  • 5th is at the :40.
  • Then break and rest until the next top, (:00).
  • Repeat the above five times total.

Water polo playersEdit

  • The college club water polo players should be able to complete the entire set with a ball in a head-up dribble.
  • One day in the future, this might be put into one of the skills for earning a Digital Badges.
  • Those that can't swim as fast as necessary to make the entire distance get to stop and turn around after each :25 seconds. So, some might swim between the backstroke flags and not go all the way to the wall.
  • Another way to do it for those that are not able to make the send off is to swim all 5 lengths and just catch up as the others rest after the set of 5 reps. Then the set is 5 x 125 yards @ 3:00 (three minutes).

Varsity swimmersEdit

  • Competitive swimmers should do the set without taking any breaths in the red zone of the pool, that area from the flags to the wall at the start and the finish. Breathing happens in the middle of the pool.
  • Okay to do the set butterfly.
  • Okay to do the set with dive entries -- if there is deep water at both ends of the pool, of course.
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