A for Athlete


  • Phillips Elementary School offers summer school in 2009


  • The Summer Regional Learning Camps in 2009 are for 21 total days.
  • First date, projected, June 22, 2009
  • Last date, projected, July 17, 2009


The Summer Regional Learning Camps include classroom learning and recreational and fitness activities in the afternoons.

  • Classroom work in the mornings.
  • Fitness in the afternoons.


Afternoons activities, in 2009, can be for swimming and aquatics at the Oliver Bath House.[]

  • The Oliver Bath House (OBH), an indoor swim pool on the South Side, operated by the City of Pittsburgh. However, the pool is always closed throughout the summer as the lifeguards work at the outdoor pools.
  • Pittsburgh Public Schools will staff the facility with lifeguards and teachers hired to manage the summer school program.
    • Indoors is protected from the weather conditions.
      • No sun screen needed.
      • No rain days.
    • Indoors at the OBH is good as it is on the South Side
      • No need for buses, rather an urban hike each day from school to swimming and back is healthy.
    • Indoors at the OBH is protected from others.
      • The setting is without distractions from other members of the public, so teaching can be done in a focused setting.

Letter from Principal to Pittsburgh Mayor, Luke Ravenstahl[]

April 24, 2009

Pittsburgh Phillips K-5

Dear Mayor Ravenstahl,

As the principal of Pittsburgh Phillips, K-5, I want to express our desire to inquire about the possibilities of utilizing the pool at the Oliver Bath House for our Summer School students. Our school enjoys an extensive partnership with Citiparks and its recreational leaders that has lasted many years. We have talked about the possibility of adding a swimming component to this year's summer school schedule. Since the daily time frame is short, the only option that would be logistically possible for us is the Oliver Bath House. We could walk from Phillips to the Oliver Bath House each day, saving money and time on buses.

We have met and discussed this option with the folks from Citiparks but our effort to secure permission to use the pool has been unsuccessful. I am wondering if there is a possibility that you could assist our efforts to secure this enrichment experience for our children.

Summer school lasts from June 22, 2009 -- July 17, 2009. We would like to have access to the pool from 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM during that time.

Mark Rauterkus, a Phillips parent, certified lifeguard and swim coach with Phillips Elementary, is helping on this project. We will also supply whatever additional lifeguard(s) are necessary to comply with regulations.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


Rodney Necciai, Principal

Request above was denied[]

A phone call from Citiparks administration was made in May 2009 to deny the request.

More talks happened in May 2009, after the election.