A for Athlete

"B" for "Backstroke"
"B" for "Bowling"

At the top, "B" is for "Basketball", where it helps to be tall.

"B" for Backstroke"

"B" for "Bat"

B for Backstroke race. Begin at the wall and ready topush off on the back.

"B" for "Baseball"

Back float by Cameron with lips closed, high hips and head resting back in the water.

B is for Ball. Of course the balls are yellow and with lines, as that's how a water polo ball looks.

This "B" is a work in progress.

"B" for "Ball"
Basketball begins with "B" and the water polo balls were banned and banished from the Citiparks pool after a few weeks of the camp when a week of 90-degree heat pulled lots of people into the pool.

"B" for "Brick"
Bricks on the bottom of the pool.
In basketball, a shot that is a brick isn't good.

This is a draft "B," for ball.

"B" for "Bobbing"

Be is for "Believe," a sign at Camp Carmalt. The "B" word is "Behavior."

"B" for "Mr. B." Mr. B is a PPS Teacher at Camp U-Prep.


"B" for "BGC"




Briana Butcher

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