A for Athlete

"C" for "Catch"
Camp Faison, Cool, Creative and Colorful too.

"C" for "Catch"

"C" for "Coach"
At Summer Dreamers, lot of coaches helped at every site.

"C" for "Cheerleading"

"C" for "Cheer"
The Varsity Swim Teams at PPS Obama Academy cheer before a meet at home, in the building formerly known as Peabody.
Cheering gets us noticed, raises our confidence and helps psych up for better performances. The team swam in the WPIAL League for the first time in the 2012-2013 season and the boys squad won its section and was undefeated.
Coach Mark Rauterkus directed the team and Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo Camp. Ben, Erik, Daniel, Ivy, Demetri, Zack, Max, Sam and Issiah were part of the team this past year. Former city league swimmers include Nick, Martin, and Charlie.


Corkscrew Show Off Swim with Squad Wind Cave

C for Corkscrew, as demonstrated by some on squad Wind Cave

"C" for "Cheer"

"C" for "Couch"
Hummm. Should be "Coach," we think.

"C" for "Coach"

"C" for "Camryn"

"C" for "Cameron"

C for Conor.








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C is for cap.
The cap in water polo has plastic ear covers. It ties under the chin. One team is with white and the other team is generally with dark caps.