Letter H hockey

"H" for "Hockey."

Letter H letter PCA

"H" for "Hustle."
We play hard. We move to get open. We drive to make a better shot, pass, rebound, play. We hustle in and get it done.

Letter H builds PCA

"H" for "Head above water."
We like to swim at the top of the water and be able to bring our heads up to get to the bite of air and swim some more. To keep you head above water is also an expression that makes sense in doing your job or your school work. We don't want to fall behind. We don't want to get bogged down. We don't want to sink. We want to stay up. We want to soar. We want to control our environment and be able to keep our heads above water no matter what.

Coaching head up in polo

Heads above water happens because of what is happening beneath the surface.

WORD Height

"H" for "Height"

Heinz House floor

H for both Heinz and House. Gym floor at Sarah Heinz House in Pittsburgh's Northside.

Letter H helpful-uprep

H" for "Helpful"

Heather and Mark after LibertyMile13

H for Heather, victory on the Liberty Mile, also with Coach Mark Rauterkus of Swim & Water Polo Camp.

Heaven Gatewood


Hasson Phillips




Hannah Castro of Carmalt


Harmony Woodson


Harvey Rivera


Heaven Porch




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