A for Athlete

"L" for "Learn."
Learning is everything. When we are born, we know so little. We learn with our heads, with our acts, with our motions and with our experiences. We learn at school and we learn everywhere.

"L" for "Learn"
The bottom of the "L" is filled with water. Along the tall part of the letter is a water polo course with goals at the end. "Lauren" is the artist, and her name begins with "L" too.

In the A-B-Cs, the letters "L" and "M" are next to each other. That can be for the "Liberty Mile." We all get to run the "L" for Liberty Mile at the end of camp.

This is the "L" for "Liberty" image at Camp Classical.

Learn & Earn, a city youth jobs program in 2015.

City-of-Learning color.jpg

"L" for "Lifting."

"L" for "Liberty Mile"
Highlights and memories, as the first ever Liberty Mile had a camp coach cross the finish line in first place. Others got medals for top finishes too.

"L" for "Lap"
Laps were run and swum. Back and forth, back and forth, better fitness with more motion. Patterns develop as do people.

"L" for "Logo"
Swim & Water Polo Camp logo.

"L" for "Listening" in the Langley courtyard.








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