A for Athlete

N is for Noodle, as shown by SKWIM player, Noa. He plays SKWIM with a Noodle in the deep end to help with his floating endurance.

N for Nutrition

"N" for "Nutrition"
We eat and enjoy healthy foods and think and understand about our nutrition. Water, grapes and other growing foods help to keep our bodies working well so we can play harder and have better stamina.

Letter N builds National PCA

"N" for "National"
We've got a National Championships that pick the USA Team for the Olympics and World Championships. We've got a National League in Baseball. The NBA is the National Basketball Association. And, we've got a NATIONAL trend to play water polo with school students in the summers.

Letter N Nike

"N" for "Nike"
Nike is a shoe company that sponsors some athletes, including Jordan, a professional runner that visited us and runs in the Liberty Mile.

New balance shoe pic

"N" is also for "New Balance"
New Balance is another shoe company. New Balance helped to sponsor the athletes in Swim & Water Polo Camp and provided many of the Summer Dreamers with new shoes that are delivered for them to keep at the Liberty Mile race.

Nevaeh Burke


Nick at HPP

N for Nick

Nahayo Clavel


Nautica Massie


Nevaeh 17




Nehemiah Wood

Nehemiah Wood

Nevaughn Page




Notion app logo

"N" is for "Notion," a software tool used to help organize group projects.

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