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Word Oxygen wall

"O" for "Oxygen"
Bodies and brains need a continual supply of oxygen. In by the mouth and nose, to the lungs, the oxygen gets put into the blood and pumped to muscles and organs.
Runners in the marathon often talk about hitting the wall when the going gets tough.
Swimmers need oxygen too, but breathing often slows down the swimming speed in the sprints. Performance depends upon a balance between underwater-streamline speed and coming to the surface to get a bite of air.

Letter O Olympic

"O" for "Olympic."

Letter O builds PCA

"O" for "open goal." We love to score on the open goal. In water polo, shots are put into the open space, not aimed at the goalie.


"O" for "Oxygen"

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"O" for "Olympians"
Three USA Olympic Water Polo Players visited Pittsburgh in the spring of 2013. Kids play in the JOs, "Junior Olympics," by age groups such as 10-and-under, 12-under, 14-unders, 16U, and 18U.

Owen joins staff

"O" for "Owen," staff member in 2015, Obama Eagle swimmer and golfer.

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