A for Athlete

"P" for "Puzzle"
Plus, there is pool, paintball, power, parachutes and ping pong.

"P" for "Push-up"
It is also for "Polo" and "Pull-Up" too. Thanks for the work from Christopher Glenn.

"P" for "Pool"
We can make a joke about not putting the "P" in the "Pool" -- please. The pool at "PCA" was used by Camp Classical and visitors from Camp Carmalt. The Yellowstone squad got to visit three pools each week.

"P" for "Pool"

"P" for "Pitt's Pool."
A group of Summer Dreamers from Camp U-Prep took a field trip to Pitt's 50-meter indoor swim pool to watch some of a swim meet, the JO's.

"P" for "Polo"
Word building at Camp CAPA.

"P" for "Pushup"

"P" for "Polo"
Polka dots on the "P" too.

Passing drill as part of practice for water polo.

"P" for "Mr. Posa"


"P" for "Pittsburgh"
Citiparks is a strong supporter of Swim & Water Polo Camp and our PPS students. We swam at Highland Park, Homewood, Sue Murray, Ammon, Moore, and Phillips pools.


"P" is for "Penn." Students can go to UPenn and get the Pittsburgh Promise scholarship as Penn is in Pennsylvania. Penn is an Ivy League school in Philadephia. Some of our friends attend Penn, such as Colby Samstag, a cyclist who went to Brashear High School, Nicole, a former Schenley swimmer, and Anna, an Obama volleyball player.

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