"R" for "Referee."

"R" for "Run"

"R" for "Run"

Running and its effort was part of many of the letters. Skills in sports run into other aspects of life.

"R" for Rugby. The "R" realm also has "Racquetball" and "Row."

"R" for "Race"
We wear race stripes. To race is to have fast lanes. A race is won or lost by small margins. Swimmers race in their own lanes.

"R" for "Run"
Race and run the Liberty Mile.

"R" for "Run"
But there will never be any running on the pool deck. Wet feet and a wet surface make conditions as slippery as ice.


"R" for "Rasmi."





Rohan, coach at Summer Dreamers in 2014 with the squad named Banff at Camp Faison.



R for Rosa. Rosa was a worker for Swim & Water Polo Camp a few summers and also was one of the students who gave a speech at her high school graduation from Obama Academy. She departed high school and went to college at Cornell University.

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