A for Athlete

"S" for "SKWIM"
Squad sends a salute to signal some serious summer fun at Highland Park Pool. The yellow foam swim disks, aquatic frisbees, were part of the game-play.

"S" for "SKWIM"
In 2013 at Summer Dreamers, we played a modified version of SKWIM. This fun, team activity got competitive. In 2014, we'll need to obtain the official goals and fins too.
The water disks skim along the top of the water.

"S" for "SKWIM"

"S" for "Slide"

"S" for "Submerge."
To go under the water, submerge the face.

"S" for Stampede at the Start. Be safe after the starter's shot.

"S" for "Swim"
Swimming is sensational on a sunny day.

"S" for "Sport."
Students did word building at the swim pool.

"S" for "Swim."
Some may need to squint to see better in the sun and while swimming.

"S" is for "Summer Dreamers," as well as "Score."
The winning formula for sports as well as life, as sports participation teaches transferable skills, is with two important sections, both starting with "S." First, "S" for "Showing up." Second, "S" for "Scoring more points." Sorta simple. Do both.

"S" for "Slithering." The "S" doesn't always seem to stand straight.

S is for streamline as shown by a swimmer with Go Swim Productions, a video service with excellent resources.

"S" for "Sport"
"S" for Soccer"
"S" for "Swimming"

Working on the "S."

"S" for "Streamline"
Super stars streamline with steel-like bodies.

"S" for "Staff" and "Surya"

Sam, day 1 of Swim & Water Polo, 2015.












Shresty swimming in the Langley pool.


S for Sanketh.
Sanketh, a Pitt student and player on the Pitt men's water polo team, is on the 2015 staff for Swim & Water Polo Camp.

S for Sue Murray Swim Pool, our destination for game-day activities on the day of the Liberty Mile. In 2015, we have practices at the Sue Murray Swim Pool from 6-7:30 pm every Monday and Wednesday, weather permitting.

Sy Rai


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