A for Athlete

"W" for "Water Polo"

"W" for "water"
We want water activities.

"W" for "warm-up"
"W" for "walk." "W" for "water." "W" for "win." Wonderful work at Camp Faison.

"W" for "water"
We love the water. Water polo, drinking water, waves in the water of the three rivers. The world is mostly water. Our bodies are mostly water.

"W" for "Water"
Hydrate with a cup or two of water after running a race.

"W" for "Win"
With team sports, most of the effort is strong as we all like to win.

"W" for "Woman's Winner"
The two-time winner of the Liberty Mile gives an on-camera interview after the race. Way to go Heather Kampf.



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"W" -- George W. Bush, former President of the United States and a big baseball fan and former team owner.