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"Z" for "Zoom."
Going fast is the way at Camp Faison. Run fast. Swim fast. Zoom through life always being quick to do your homework amd zoom through books, lots and lots of books.

"Z" for "Zone."
Zone defense. Zone of high performance. The strike zone in baseball. The end zone in football. The Zone is an after school group that meets at U-Prep too.

"Z" for "Zucchini."
Zucchini grows in the garden is good to eat.

"Z" for "Zion"
All squads at Swim & Water Polo Camp picked a name based upon a National Park. In 2013, Camp CAPA had Zion and Olympic.

Making progress on the letter "Z."

"Z" for "Zip"
Zip through the finish.

"Z" for "Zip"

"Z" for "Zack"

Zahkye with a headband playing SKWIM at Camp U-Prep in SDA17.



Zakareya and Zekiah




Z for Zada.

"Z" for "Zack O," also a varsity swimmer for the Obama Eagles.

"Z" for "Zac," a varsity swimmer for the Obama Eagles and staff with Swim & Water Polo Camp in 2015.

Z is for Zuriel.
This young man plays the violin and is on the staff helping with Mindful Eating in the summer of 2015.