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Afghanistan National Water Polo Team Coach[]

harvested from USA Swimming Message Board in October 2008

Afghanistan Water Polo, the recently formed governing body for water polo in Afghanistan, is seeking to appoint two full-time coaches and two full-time assistant coaches for the Afghanistan National Water Polo Team. These positions have the approximate start date of February 1, 2009. These positions report to Head Coach of the National Teams.


Demonstrated enthusiasm for and successful coaching experience (Not required to be water polo coaching experience).

Fundraising experience.

The right attitude, background, and fit.

Must lead by our values: • Fairness • Integrity • Team work • Commitment • Accountability • Excellence • Communication

Team-oriented with the ability to take initiative.

Responsibilities The responsibilities of these positions fall into four general areas:

1. Leadership/Coaching 2. Fundraising 3. Development 4. General Administrative

• Lead as the coach for a national team program. • Develop financial resources to support the national and grass roots water polo programs. Fundraising is a key component of the coaching assignment. • Organize all team’s events, logistics, training, lodging, and sustenance. • Oversee and manage the budget and other resources for the water polo program. • Assist the Head Coach of the National Teams as directed, including coaching, recruiting, and leadership duties. • Plan practices and competitions on yearly, monthly, weekly, and daily basis in accordance to the national program plan. • Create positive working relationships within the national programs, Afghanistan Water Polo, Afghanistan National Swimming Federation, Afghanistan National Olympic Committee, FINA, and other organizations. • Coordinate of the use of training facilities completing required paperwork, insurance coverage, safety and security issues and personnel, and negotiation of terms of use. • Lead, mentor, and coach assistants, linguists, athletes, and support staff. Create and participate in professional and personal growth opportunities. • Create positive experiences for the athletes of the national programs. • Teach life lessons and skills to athletes, assistants, linguists, and support staff.

The salary will be negotiated as secondary and final interviews are conducted. Transportation, lodging, and meals will be provided, even when at home training facilities. The primary working location will be in North America as Afghanistan does not have adequate facilities to train. There are no language restrictions as a linguist can be hired based upon your native speaking and/or written language. There are no religious restrictions. Prospective candidates should email their résumé and cover letter to contactus@afghanistanwaterpolo.com no later than October 5, 2008.

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Thank you for taking the time to inquire about this position. Please read below about the position. Additionally, when you send your résumé, can you please answer the following questions?

What type of fundraising experience do you have?

Do you feel that you can seek contributions, especially at the beginning of our journey?

When would you be available for a phone interview?

As for information about the position, we are starting a sport in Afghanistan that has never been played or seen before (Prior to three months ago). National Team coaches will have many collateral duties to include fundraising, sport development, coach and administrator development, helping build grass roots programs, and the list is endless. There has not been one water polo coach in Afghanistan until I got here. It will be a long road ahead of us.

Our plan is to train in the United States for the next few years (If we fundraise enough funds, if approved by USOC and USA Water Polo, and if the visas are approved), while developing the sport via grass roots programs in Afghanistan. If we raise enough money through fundraising, we will start with two national team (A & B). Our coaching structure will be the head national team coach, A & B team coaches, and two assistant coaches (one A & one B). Through this selection process, I will only select if someone is a head coach or an assistant coach. At this time, I will not name who is the A team coach or B team coach.

In about one year, again depending on fundraising, we will expand our program to include a U20, U17, and U15 national teams. These teams will include one coach and one assistant coach.

As for the length of the contract, we will first start with a six month contract and after August 2009, we will go year by year. Our ultimate goal is to reach the 2016 Olympics and would like to retain the same coaching staff from inception to the 2016 games, if possible. I am not a high stress leader but I do have realistic expectations that need to be met. As long as you do your part in the team atmosphere, this can be an opportunity that can last for an extended period of time.

For additional information, you can also visit our website http://www.afghanistanwaterpolo.com.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.


Jeremy B. Piasecki