A for Athlete


  • ART = Active Release Therapy
  • ART = Active Release Therapist


Posting by Ken O'Neill on the Supertraining list in December 2008[]

I had a nasty case of plantar fascitis from doing seated calves raises using a barbell across the knees and going up in weight far too fast. It will be remembered that seated calves work emphasizes the soleus over the gastrocs.

Fortunately I had purchased a copy of Clair Davies' The [[Trigger Point Therapy Workbook]] (2nd edition), a sort of do-it-yourself workbook. That book identified plantar fascitis as referred pain from soleus trigger points. Sure enough, once those points were worked a bit relief began to settle in. Being an amateur in need of more profound relief, an appointment with my Active Release Therapist, Dr. [[Chris Sellars]], resulted in a far more thorough therapeutic session. I'd had the problem going on a painful month before identifying its cause - the extreme pain brought understanding of why torturers beat the soles of feet. Most remarkable, however, was almost total relief in one less than thirty minute session with Dr Chris. ART is also great for cuff and shoulder problems, saving many an athlete from needless surgery ending a career.

Ken O'Neill