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Aiden under

Under water again!

Aidan Gorman

Aidan Gorman

Reflections from Swim & Water Polo Camp from 2014[]

  • Today in water polo I played with a dive stick and lost it. I still had a lot of fun just like I always do.
  • I finished the Liberty Mile in 8:43. I was very proud.

A-B-C terms[]

  • Attacker, noun. Fighter. Punch, hitting. I am an attacker.
Attacker ABCs-by Aidan G

Attacker by Aidan Gorman.

  • Catch, verb. Grab. To grab an object. Here, catch the ball.
  • Dang. Fudge cake. Fudge. Dang man!!!!
IMG 20140807 121445

Dang as an illustration in water polo by Aidan Gorman.

  • Float, verb. Not drowning. Stay up in the water. "I'm floating. Ta da!"
  • Hurt, noun. Injured. Not okay. I got hurt.
  • Joke, noun. Being funny. Lying, but being silly. "You guys can not get in..... (Awaaa) .... Just joking. (Yeah!)"
  • Mimic, verb. Copying. Copying some one.
  • Option, verb. Choose. Choice. You have an option to shoot, pass, fake, dribble or wait with the ball in water polo.
  • Yell, verb. Shout. Scream. "Pass!"
IMG 20140807 142033

Yelling "Pass" happens in water polo.

  • Zip, verb. Fast. Quick. I zipped through the water.
Lessen Volcanic-under-eyes

Underwater Aiden.

Aidan Gorman 4