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The propsal below was part of the position paper Fewer_Sports_Alternatives and suggestion #5


All-City Sports Camp, Summer of 2014

Proposal from Mark Rauterkus, Mark@Rauterkus.com, 412-298-3432


Sponsorship could re-name the camps. UPMC, Dick's, Body Media, Dollar Bank, etc.

Branding sponsors options can be found. The Pittsburgh Marathon brand, Kids of STEEL, could be part of the camp's name. This is pending and not approved yet. So, the title could become, The Kids of STEEL Summer Sports Camp, or some like that.

Staffing synergy:

In the summer of 2013, the Swim & Water Polo Camps as part of PPS Summer Dreamers Academy had more than 35 employees. A great staff was assembled. However, work lasted just four hours per day, noon to 4 pm, for 28 days.

In 2012 and 2011, our staff worked in the mornings and the afternoons, up to 8 hours a day. In those years, the activities portion of the camp happened for some students in the mornings and for other students in the afternoons. Academics were in the other half of the day.

Employees, especially college kids in need of money for tuition payments, need to earn money in the summers. The mid-day hours and 20-hour weekly limit made it difficult for 2013 employees to earn what they could. Some employees skipped over the assistant coaching jobs for lesser positions that gave them more hours elsewhere.

We hope to use a majority of the staff from Swim & Water Polo Camp for full-day of work. More hours means better money for each staff member. Plus, more hours means we have a better staff as those who need to save for college with summer work can join these efforts.

Pittsburgh City Councilman, Rev. Ricky Burgess, hopes to raise the city's youth employment budget to $600,000 in 2014. Coaching our kids in structured fitness settings makes an excellent summer job for many.

Facility synergy:

Citiparks swim pools open to the public at 1 pm. In the morning hours, plenty of space is available. Likewise other facilities, such as the gym at Ammon Rec Center have morning hours available.

The PPS Summer Dreamer sites, such as PCA and Langley, have open swim pools open in the mornings too, because the Summer Dreamers activities are in the afternoons.

Weather synergy:

Morning times are better for conditioning so as to avoid the afternoon summer heat.


In 2012, more than 1,600 kids applied and were not able to be serviced.

In 2013, more than 1,300 kids applied to Summer Dreamers and got rejection letters.

In 2014, Summer Dreamers has 1 less site, 4. In 2013 there were five.

Number of Locations for the All City Sports Camps:

In the first year, 2014, we would want more than three but less than ten sites.

Possible Sites:

Specific sites are pending. Getting support from Pittsburgh Public Schools for use of facilities is the challenge. However, the trend is moving in the right directions.

Proposed (and optional) 2014 sites, in no specific order:

1. North: Oliver High School

2. Central: South Side's Cupples Stadium

3. Hill District:Ammon Rec Center , and Thelma Lovette YMCA

4. West: PCA / Greenway

5. South: Carrick High School

6. East: Westinghouse High School

7. Golf: Schenley's Bob O'Connor Golf Course


8. Obama / Peabody

9. Arsenal

10. U-Prep

11. Sci-Tech

12. Perry

The 2014 PPS Summer Dreamers expects to  4 sites, 3 sies. (5 in 2013).

Langley = K-5 grades;

Faison = K-5 grades;

Carmault = K-5 grades;

PCA / Greenway = middle school grades. 

Joining efforts with PPS Summer Dreamers with All-City Sports Camps. AM + PM coordination.

The All-City Sports Camp is in the morinings and PPS Summer Dreamers has activities in the afternoons.

  • Carrick staff goes with Faison

  • PCA goes with PCA

  • Westinghouse goes with Faison

  • Oliver (and/or Ammon) goes to Langley

  • South Side stays in the afternoons too

  • Golf goes to golf sites.

Site Features:

PCA / Greenway

The PCA / Greenway site has a great, indoor 6-lane, 25 yard pool. Plus, a field with a cinder track is also on school grounds. Furthermore, there are tennis courts, a second practice field and hills. No other destinations are close for walking.

PCA is also called Pittsburgh Classical Academy, Greenway and the Gifted Center. All names are for the same campus.

Ammon Rec Center / Hill District

Ammon Rec is home to a summer camp from Ozanam. That group has a range of ages, but mostly elementary school. They have had a few weeks of swimming lessons with the lifeguards as instructors.

Ammon has a giant, great outdoor swim pool with four water polo goals. Ammon also has an indoor gym, indoor weight room, outdoor basketball courts, and a wonderful outdoor baseball field.

It would be possible to go from Ammon to the Carnegie Library on Centre Ave. and the Thelma Lovette YMCA. The Y partnership has an evening focus for game-days and swim meets once per week.

Oliver High School

Oliver High School has a regulation, rubber-surface, outdoor track in fair condition. Plus, Oliver has a big gym and a great 6 lane, 25 yard indoor swim pool.

Oliver is in the north part of the city and is near to North Allegheny High School. Some of our staff might be from north suburban locations. A mid-day camp might be better for those student athletes as they have training sessions themselves at North Park Swim Pool in the early mornings.

The Summer Dreamers sites do not include any location in the North, sadly.


There is a great 6 lane, 25 yard swim pool at Westinghouse. Out the pool doors and down the small hill is the football field with a cinder track too. Westinghouse also has a gym.

The Summer Dreamers from Faison could swim at Westinghouse, as it is not too far. Last year a bus was provided for the Faision kids. Going to the Highland Park Pool, Citiparks, outdoor and large, with beach volleyball courts, is possible. It is also not hard to get to the Bud Harris Cycle Oval on Washington Blvd.

South Side sites

The South Side location has a number of venues that can be put to use by the All City Sports Camp. The South Side Cupples Stadium, its turf, track, locker room, and outdoor basketball court. Only 2 blocks away is the indoor Oliver Bath House, a 9 lanes, 20 yard swim pool. The Oliver Bath House is a great instructional pool and fine for instruction and competitions for those in the younger and rookie stages. The Oliver Bath House is always closed to the public in the months of June, July and August, so it is wide open for our uses. Armstrong Park is 3 blocks away and has a grass field and a basketball court, plus bathroom facilities. The Market House has a nice indoor gym and kitchen. The River Trail and the steps of the South Side Slopes are close as well. River access exists for kayaks too. The UPMC Sports Medicine Center is more than a mile away, but along the trail.

It is possible for the South Side site to rotate the locations for check in: Monday at Market House. Tuesday at Track. Wednesday at the water of the Oliver Bath House, Thursday at Trail and Friday at the Field.

Carrick High School

Carrick might be the hardest to obtain because the principal and the custodian, Mike, have always been quick to say, 'No.' Use of Carrick would be wonderful. Carrick has a great swim pool and is next to a a Citipark facility, Phillips Park, with a disk golf course, gym and an outdoor swim pool. A field is near too, given a 5 minute walk. Carrick is a bus ride from Carmalt.

If Carrick can't be used, Brashear is an alternative.

Bob O'Connor Golf Course at Schenley Park

The 18 hole course and the First Tee of Pittsburgh program could be blended into the All City Sports Camps. This is to be negotiated.

Camper Capacity by site:

  • North: Oliver High School = 150 students

  • Central: South Side's Cupples Stadium = 250 students in AM + 250 in PM

  • Hill District: Ammon Rec Center, and Thelma Lovette YMCA = 100 students

  • West: PCA / Greenway = 75 students

  • South: Carrick High School = 100 students

  • East: Westinghouse High School = 150 students

  • GOLF: Schenley's Bob O'Connor Golf Course = 30 students

** Total = 1,105 students

Income / Revenue

  • Sponsorships = $10,000

  • Athlete Pool Tags sold by Citiparks

  • $60 per kid x 1,000 = $60,000

  • $35 per kid (after Aug 1) x 30 = $1,050

  • $75 per adult x 100 = $7,500

  • Race Fees = $10,000

  • Gear Sales = $2,500

** Total = $91,050



Staffing* costs are about 80% of the costs:

  • CEO and HQ staff = $10,000

  • 6 x head coach = $3,000 each = $18,000

  • 18 x assistant coach = $1,000 each = $18,000

  • 18 x junior helpers = $600 each = $10,080

  • 15 Lifeguard / Instructors = $1,200 each = $18,000

** Total above = $65,080 in staffing

* Supplies are about 20% of the costs

Job program[]

  • The City of Pittsburgh has a youth job program budget for the summer of 2014 that equals $600,000.