A for Athlete

What Allen High School?[]

  • Allen High School in Texas, see below.

Stadium to open in 2011 [1][]

  • $60 million Texas High School football stadium nearing completion in 2011. Allen High School, in suburban Dallas, Texas, is close to completing their $60 million upgrade to their school's football facility. The new state-of-the-art gem is going to be a horseshoe design with seating for 18,000.

The renovation includes an upper deck, a video scoreboard, a two-tiered press box, concession stands, an auditorium for the school's Arts department, training room and an indoor practice area for the golf team. In other words, some universities should be jealous.

So much for a poor economy. More than 60% of the city's residents approved the improvements back in 2009. Gary Stocker, the Allen school board president, told The Dallas Morning News, "We're a one-high-school town. Everyone is an Eagle in Allen." And apparently everyone has money coming out of their ears too.

Allen High School, which holds about 5,000 students and a 600 member nerd squad (sorry, marching band) currently has a 14,000 stadium. Supporters say that it's a tight squeeze on game days. They are also planning on adding 1,500 parking spaces to the 5,000 that are already there.

* http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-ldeQezrpDD4/Tb4U0pwimEI/AAAAAAAADk0/ybqvPF2U-_A/s1600/allen1.jpg