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Story of Brazil (also known as BRA) Flag of Brazil from Andre Garzia[]

There is no unlimited power in Brazil (also known as BRA) Flag of Brazil. People outside imagine Brazil being
some banana republic where charismatic leader can do any ruthless thing and
get away with it but this is not the case. They can get away with robbing
any amount of money, passing any kind of idiotic law, doing every kind of
moronic display of ignorance, complete lack of common sense and really bad
sense of fashion and so on but it is not unlimited.

Brazil was "discovered" in the 16th century. It was made into a colony and
that was how it stood for couple centuries until Napoleon went land
acquiring in Europe. Portuguese royalty fled (or went on vacation) to
Brazil which was a colony made of mud, coffee, slaves and nasty diseases.
When royalty arrived in 1808 they decided to make this a proper country,
specially Rio.

Like mushrooms after rain, a country was made with proper buildings and
culture (at least in Rio). It doesn't really matter that all the slaving
went on and that the rest of this really big place was still farms and full of pain.
Rio was beautiful. Brazil became much like a United Kingdom: the United Kingdom of
Portugal, Brazil and Algarve. Scottish and Englishman among us knows how
this works. Heck, moving from "colony" to "united kingdom" looks good to some.

Royalty decided to go back to Europe where mosquito bites do not kill and
where the natives could speak understood languages. Common people
often spoke tupi, guarani or some other indian tongue.

But a Portuguese royal decided NOT TO GO BACK! Famous words: "If
it is for the general happiness of the nation, tell everyone that I stay!" So Brazil was no longer an United Kingdom but was on its own with a new royal guy. The new country was named The Empire Of Brazil. As far as empires
goes, this was a pretty big place. Plus Brazil had an emperor!

Time went on, monarchies were overthrown elsewhere it was not fashionable
to have emperors. The last ball of the Empire was held in a very cute castle, "Castelo da Ilha Fiscal", [1]. They had electrical lamps during
the ball.

The next day, a republic was proclaimed: "Independence or Death!" - by the
same guys who were in charge since forever. Now Brazil has presidents.

Brazil's republic played a game of rinse and repeat, alternating presidents from
S?o Paulo and Minas Gerais for a while and then some other bastards came
along till nearly War World II when a military coup made
Brazil into a "New State" dictatorship. Brazil under
dictatorship was ironic with a fascist government full of people who
admired fascist ideas but fought in the war against the axis and supported the side of the non-fascist nations.

After Getulio commit suicide, the military took over the dictatorship and
leftist armed guerrilla started. Students, including Dilma Roussef and many others
robbed banks, kidnapped ambassadors and did all kinds of nasty stuff to make
a Cuba out of Brazil. Our murderer government did worse with tortures,
deaths and everything you don't want to hear. This behaviors sustained to modern times.

Civil disobedience and protests got too big with strikes all over the place
and students on the streets with their faces painted in green and yellow
demanding free elections. Guess what, ... it worked! After decades of
military dictatorship, the old guard stepped down! No war, no coup... a organized
civil election and newly elected leaders took control of Brazil.

The newly elected president died right on the spot. Some think he was overwhelmed with the
joy of democracy. Some really bad democratic elected presidents followed. Inflation was to the point that on the market you had to race the market staff trying to pick the goodies before they re-tag them
with new prices. (This is actually true).

When FHC came along, he and other really clever people created a magic plan to con the whole country and
stabilize the economy. Brazilians are tricksters and that presidency tricked all the country into believing there was no such thing as a bad economy. It worked and money stabilized. Yay for impossible plans!

After him, the labor party was elected. Eight years later, many have learned
that the labor party is the same as the other 40 or so parties Brazil has had. President Lula managed to get President Dilma elected.

Brazil's summary: Same guys in power. Really big muddy place. United Kingdom to Empire to Republic. New guys in power, as bad as the previous ones. Now a women as president and the World Cup and Olympic Games are due soon.