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Andrea Palmer is in these videos

MilestonePod in SDA15

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Digital Badges Earned

Wiki Housekeeping To Do on Andrea Palmer's wiki home page:

Insert categories onto this page.

Your activity goes your wiki home page:

Could be either Swim & Water Polo Camp or Mindful Eating.

Your Camp categories goes onto this page:

Where do you go to Summer Dreamers? Is it:

  • Camp South Hills, or
  • Camp Faison, or
  • Camp Langley

Your squad category goes to this page:

These are the National Park names.

  • Mindful Eating students are either Arches if in block 3 or else Sequoia if in block 4.
  • Faison's Swim & Water Polo Camp is Dry Tortugas.
  • South Hills could be Haleakalā, or American Samoa if older and younger ones are ??
  • Langley is Acadia if a younger girl and

After three categories are set, delete this section.

Projects to do

  • Log onto this wiki with a username. Then you get credit for edits and changes at Special:MYPAGE.
  • Digital Badges/Goals/Level 1
  • Check out the A-B-C Book from the past and insert your photo into the page based upon your first name.

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