A for Athlete
Andrew Lukehart


A-B-C term[]

  • Brain, noun. The thing in your head. Neurological. You need your brain to play water polo.
  • Cramp, noun. Hurt. To hurt from running. I cramp can come and hurt when you run.
  • Drink, verb. Inhale liquid. You need to drink water.


From 2014 Swim & Water Polo Camp[]

  • We trained for the Liberty Mile and ran. We played soccer. Also played land water polo. (7/21/2014)
  • We swam and played tag with some coaches. the pool was crowded but not in the depth of five and six feet. (7/27/2014)
  • Free Time! We got to swim. Also, we went down the slide a lot. (7/24/2014)
  • We trained with the winner of the last Liberty Mile. We also played soccer. (7/28/2014)
  • Freetime: We got to play in the park. Also, played in the field. We got to swim at Phillips Pool. We played tag at the park.