A for Athlete


Armstrong Park is a small park on the South Side of Pittsburgh near East Carson Street at 12th Street and Sarah Street.


View of the field from above.


    • The “Final Design” begins on P. 25, and the “Estimated Development Costs” begin on P. 34. The Plan also recaps the public input process, and overall history of the site.

As discussed at the end of the last public meeting, the formation of a “Friends of Armstrong Park” Committee is the next logical step. This Committee and its members will be the drivers of implementing these improvements, as well as the steward of the maintenance and condition of an improved Armstrong Park. Over the next month, I will do some research on potential funding opportunities and begin getting buy-in and feedback from City officials and other stakeholders. Also, I will reach out to the Dept. of Public Works (who maintains the park) to get a better sense of what the additional maintenance costs would be with the new amenities. Please feel free to circulate this plan and think about any ideas for pursuing grants or other fundraising efforts.

Business Development Manager of SSLDC, Aaron Sukenik, proposed that our first meeting be Monday, January 16, 2011 @ 5:30 PM (the location TBD, any ideas are welcome). Please let me know if you can attend.