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  • Invented in Australia (also known as AUS) Flag of Australia.
  • Sold in the United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States too.
  • Timing system for swimming, running and other sports.

AutoCoach stop watch, scoreboard and speaker shown.

  • AutoCoach provides coaches, teachers and athletes with equipment that allows new ways to approach training and competitions.
  • AutoCoach developed an integrated and expandable system that can be updated, is state of the art and affordable.

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  • AutoCoach deploys advancements in wireless technology and insights from leading, Australian Olympic coaches. Traditional industry practices get new approaches. AutoCoach evolved its system to help coaches be effective, generate greater engagement and provide easier squad and event management.


  • Formerly, Sydney Tsai, US Division, Sales & Marketing



Data rich applications.

The AutoCoach timing system is used in the 2013 Swim & Waterpolo Camp. Draft of an article for the BGC Newsletter.


Autocoach One[]



AutoCoach stopwatches are audio enabled with built-in microphones, speakers and audio jacks. Both the watches and the audio speakers, as well as the wearable devices can call out measurements verbally. Those audio message eliminate the needs to look at the screens. The watches also function as walkie talkies between and among the devices. Plus, of course, the verbal messages can be turn into PA (public address) systems for announcements.


Minimal setup. System has press and play simplicity for quick starts for new users.


Its wireless range exceeds 200 meters for transmitting data, timing and audio.


Plays in many sport settings: swimming, track & field, triathlon, cycling. In future years for water polo, SKWIM, baseball and basketball.


Devices are portable for easy transportation.


Its digitally-encoded, wireless network gives control as to who’s in and who’s out.


Choose among various components, sizes and quantities to match budgets, facilities, coaches desires and purposes.


Autocoach X-country

X-Country races can be more exciting with the use of the AutoCoach timing system.

Mark w AutoCoach at Dreamers

Coach Mark Rauterkus at Sue Murray pool on the Pittsburgh's North Side.

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Insights on collaboration with grant application process with Play.CLOH.org[]

JW from AutoCoach wrote in part in an email on 3/16:[]

That sounds exciting, and we think there are a number of aspects AutoCoach equipment can encourage and foster. Certainly there are the core race timing and race starting competencies, but additionally the communication and event management aspects are there as evident and very worthwhile exposures and competencies. It’s control and people management in essence – similar to umpiring and refereeing experience.

There are also opportunities to step them into advanced territory, with the ability to get into Stroke Index, Stroke Rate, DPS, Velocity, etc – all things that are not generally even available to swimmers and coaches. For youngsters to gain some insight into such measures, and an understanding of the importance of tempo and motion efficiency, would be radical. Some won’t be keen on that sort of depth, but for those that are, it will be a great opportunity. And it brings exposure to data recording and interpretation, a growth field in itself.


Concept Maps[]

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    Timing Systems, General



AutoCoach One - video


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Henry talks about AutoCoach timing