Background[edit | edit source]

Career Highlights:[edit | edit source]

Earned two gold medals at the 2007 Pan American Games with first-place finishes in the 200m free and 800m free relay ... finished twelfth in the 400 IM and 200 IM at the 2004 Olympic Trials ... took fourth in the 400m IM at the 2005 CP Summer Nationals … was seventh in the 400m IM at the 2005 World Championship Trials ... a member of the 2005 National Jr Team ... took third in the 200 IM at the 2003 US Open

Pan Am Games[edit | edit source]

2007: Gold, 200m FR & 800m FR-R

Short Course Worlds[edit | edit source]

2007: 1st, 200 IM

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships[edit | edit source]

2007 (Fr): 1, 400y IM; 2, 200y IM & 800y FR-R; 4, 400y FR-R; 7, 200y FL

NCAA NCAA logo.png Championships[edit | edit source]

2008 (So): 1, 200y IM; 2, 400y IM, 400y MD-R; 3, 200y FL, 200y FR-R; 4, 400y FR-R; 8, 800y FR-R

2006 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

113th, 200m free; 49th, 200m IM; 65th, 400m IM

2005 World Rankings:[edit | edit source]

36th, 200m IM; 37th, 400m IM; 97th, 100m free

Records:[edit | edit source]

Holds (United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg / American Record) in 800y FR-R, set at 2008 Southeastern Conference C ... Holds USO in 800y FR-R, set at 2008 Southeastern Conference C

Details[edit | edit source]

General Accolades: Holds all of the individual, team and pool records at her high school National Teams: 2004 National Junior Team Collegiate: 2007 NCAA Champion (400 IM) ... 2007 SEC Champion (200 IM) High School: Detroit Athletic Club High School Athlete of the Year nominee ... honors student all 4 years of high school

Personal:[edit | edit source]

High School: Northville HS '06 College: Auburn '10 College Major: Exercise Science Job Outside of Swimming: Lifeguard at a community college

Family, Village, Community[edit | edit source]

Parents: Kurt and Teri ... Teri is an LRE and a swim coach Sibling(s): Has an older sister (Kathryn) and an older brother (Derek) who both swam in high school Started Swimming: At 4 years old ... "my mom taught swim lessons at a pool and my brother and sister both swam." Sports Played Before Swimming: Soccer, dance Nickname(s): ‘Ava Savealot’ from the 1-800-COLLECT commercials ... ‘Avocado’ because it has “Ava” in it Pet(s): Has two cats (Spunky and Biff) ... one of Spunky's legs shake because she fell out of a second story window Hobbies Outside the Pool: Wakeboarding, sleeping, hiking, camping, reading, crocheting Ultimate Way to Relax: Taking a good long nap Most Influential Person: Mom ... "She is always there supporting me and helping me to do my best."

Training Notes[edit | edit source]

2008[edit | edit source]

Swims 16,000 yards per day, 4 hours a day, 6-7 days a week Favorites: Tv: Heroes ... movie: Aladdin ... music: Plain White Ts, White Stripe, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Jack Johnson

International Medals[edit | edit source]

2007 Pan American Games 2007: Gold, 200m FR; Gold, 800m FR-R

Top Times[edit | edit source]

Event Best Year 100m FR 55.45 May 08 200m FR 2:00.03 Jul 07 200m IM 2:12.97 Jun 08 400m IM 4:39.69 May 08

2008[edit | edit source]

Ultraswim GP - 18 Final, 50m FR; 5 Final, 200m FR; 4 Final, 100m BR; 10 Final, 200m BR; t1 Final, 200m IM 08 SCSC GP - 11 Final, 100m FR; t4 Final, 100m FL; t3 Final, 200m FL; t2 Final, 200m IM; 2 Final, 400m IM NCAA - 3 Final, 200y FL; 1 Final, 200y IM; 2 Final, 400y IM; 3 Final, 200y FR-R; 4 Final, 400y FR-R; 8 Final, 800y FR-R; 2 Final, 400y MED-R

2007[edit | edit source]

SCY NATS - t8 Final, 50y FR; t3 Final, 100y FR; 20 Final, 100y FL; 10 Final, 200y FL; t1 Final, 200y IM; t3 Final, 400y IM; 2 Final, 400y FR-R; 3 Final, 800y FR-R; 2 Final, 400y MED-R PAN AMS - 1 Final, 200m FR; 1 Final, 800m FR-R 07 ULTRA GP - 9 Final, 50m FR; 9 Final, 100m FR; 1 Final, 200m FR; 17 Final, 200m BR; 9 Final, 200m FL; 2 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m IM Namesnik GP - 17 Final, 100m FR; 10 Final, 400m FR; 7 Final, 200m BK; 9 Final, 100m FL; 6 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m IM

2006[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 10 Final, 100m FR; 17 Final, 200m FR; 9 Final, 200m IM; 9 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 24 Final, 100m FR; 17 Final, 200m FR; 11 Final, 200m IM; 10 Final, 400m IM

2005[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 4 Final, 100m FR; 9 Final, 200m FR; 5 Final, 200m IM; 3 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 9 Final, 200m IM; 4 Final, 400m IM WC TRIALS - 19 Final, 200m FR; 9 Final, 200m IM; 7 Final, 400m IM

2004[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 9 Final, 100m FR; 4 Final, 200m FR; 3 Final, 200m IM; 6 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 12 Final, 100m FR; 25 Final, 800m FR; 15 Final, 100m BK; 9 Final, 200m IM; 9 Final, 400m IM OLY TRIALS - 12 Final, 200m IM

2003[edit | edit source]

US OPEN - 37 Final, 800m FR; 11 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 24 Final, 400m IM

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