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Badge Worksheet[edit | edit source]

On LRNG, a badge is a publicly shareable digital credential that provides proof of a substantive learning outcome and unlocks opportunities. When educators come togheter to create a framework of badges for their program, or a set of programs, it helps them be intentional about their learning outcomes and creates a common language for the entire learning community.

Badge Name (title): _______[edit | edit source]

Interest category:[edit | edit source]

  • career
  • science
  • design
  • society
  • entertainment
  • sport
  • life
  • technology

Description[edit | edit source]

edit me

Criteria (learning goals)[edit | edit source]

edit me

Opportunity (what's unlocked)[edit | edit source]

edit me

Map of the digital badge[edit | edit source]

  • Sketch desired
    • edit me
  • Does it align to any standards or competencies?
    • edit me
  • How is the achievement relevant?
    • edit me
  • Who will consume this badge?
    • edit me
  • How does it connect to future opportunities?
    • edit me
  • Are there any prerequisites?
    • edit me
  • Who issues the badge?
    • edit me
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