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Ben Wildman-Tobriner PRONOUNCED: toe-BREEN-er


  • Swimmer at Stanford Swimming (STAN-CA)]]
  • in 2008 = 23 DOB: Sep 21, 1984
  • 6' 4" (193.0 cm) 200 lbs (90.7 kg)
  • Hometown = [[San Francisco, Calif.
  • in 2008 resides in Palo Alto, Calif.
  • former resident of San Francisco, Calif.
  • Coach = Skip Kenney
  • Wikipedia:Ben Wildman-Tobriner
  • USA Swimming's media guide provided some source materials.

Career Highlights:[]

Earned his first World Championship title in 2007 in the 50m free ... won his first U.S. national title in 2005, edging out World Champion Roland Schoeman in the 50m free at Nationals; also finished fifth in the 100m free and 100m fly ... swam prelims on the gold medal-winning 400m free relay at the 2005 World Championships

World Championships[]

2007: Gold, 50m FR; Gold, 400m FR-R(pr) ... 2005: Gold, 400m FR-R(pr)

Pan Pacs:[]

2006: 5, 50m FR Duel in the Pool History: 2005: Bronze, 50m FR

2007 World Rankings:[]

2nd, 50m free; 29th, 100m free; 26th, 50m fly; 12th, 100m fly

2006 World Rankings:[]

7th, 50m free; 27th, 100m free; 119th, 100m fly

2005 World Rankings:[]

5th, 50m free; 23rd, 100m free Briefly: Broke the American record (18.87) in the 50y FR at the 2007 NCAAs

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States.svg Swim Titles[]

50m Free (2): '07 SUM, ’05 SUM


Collegiate: 20-time NCAA All-American ... NCAA Top VIII award winner ... NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship Winner


Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams[]

  • Doctor

Family, Village, Community[]

Parents: Michael Tobriner and Stephanie Wildman … father is an attorney, and mother is a law professor Sibling(s): Older sister (Becky) who used to swim and play water polo Notable Relative(s): Grandfather (Matthew Tobriner) served on the California Supreme Court in the 1960s Sports Played Before Swimming: Baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, golf Nickname(s): Vildman … when he was in Europe, a clerk at the train station pronounced Wildman in a German accent, and people just kept calling him that Hobbies Outside the Pool: Playing golf, writing songs, playing the guitar, wood working, photography Ultimate Way to Relax: Playing the guitar while camping Most Influential Person: Parents … “I’ve always looked up to them. They’ve taught me a lot in life, most importantly, to never bet against yourself.”

Training Notes[]


Swims 7,000 meters/yards per day, 3-4 hours a day, 6 days a week More: In Aug. 2005 after competing at the World Champs, traveled to Izmir, Turkey, to watch Stanford teammates Kyle Ransom and Shaun Phillips compete at WUGs ... he came as a result of a "gentleman’s agreement" made with Phillips and Ransom at the 2005 World Champ Trials in April, where all three were attempting to qualify for a summer international team ... if Phillips and Ransom made the WUGs team, and if Wildman-Tobriner made the World Champs (held the last week of July in Montreal) team, he would travel to Turkey and cheer them on ... after WUGs, the three went on a tour of Europe, hitting up Austria, Italy and Greece ... was a Rhodes Scholar finalist in the fall of ====2007==== Favorites: U.S. city: Honolulu ... int'l destination: Rome ... band: Brand New ... summer activity: golf ... T.V. show: Lost ... movie: The Matrix


  • 2007 World Champion in the 50m freestyle

International Medals[]

2007 World Championships 2007: Gold, 50m FR 2007 Duel in The Pool 2007: Silver, 50m FR

Top Times[]

Event 50m FR 100m FR 100m FL Best 21.80 49.35 52.31 Year Jul 07 Apr 05 Jul 07

2008 08 SCSC GP - 4 Final, 50m FR; 16 Final, 100m FR 2007 SCY NATS - t5 Final, 50y FR; 8 Final, 100y FR; t4 Final, 100y FL SCSC GP - t2 Final, 50m FR; 10 Final, 100m FR; 22 Final, 200m FR MoO DiP - t2 Final, 50m FR; t4 Final, 100m FL WORLD - 1 Final, 50m FR 2006 PAN PAC - 5 Final, 50m FR NCAA - 2 Final, 50y FR; 2 Final, 100y FR; t11 Final, 100y FL 2005 MoO DiP - 3 Final, 50m FR WORLD - 1 Final(pr), 400m FR-R WC TRIALS - 3 Final, 50m FR; 3 Final, 100m FR 2004 OLY TRIALS - 5 Final, 50m FR; 7 Final, 50m FR; 4 Final, 100m FR