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cool bicycle accessories

Covid-19 has proven to be an unprecedented public health challenge for health care professionals, individuals in addition to the government. At this juncture, it's essential that people make lifestyle adjustments and consider preventative measures which might help contain the threat of this disease. This not only involves practicing social distancing and decent disease avoidance steps but also better control of chronic diseases, provided the linkage between elevated Covid mortality and ailments like cardiovascular diseases, obesity, diabetes and cancer, amongst others. Online Shopping for cool bicycle accessories

Covid-19 is essentially a respiratory disorder that attacks the lungs and also impairs their operation. It's vital, therefore, th…

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The new technological inventions are happ…

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Timkrupar Timkrupar 5 July 2015

Reflecting On Week One

"Adapt, Adjust, Accomodate..."

We would sing this from time to time while receiving our training at the center. It's a mark of a true yogi, being able to be flexible not only with the body, but also with the mind and how we react to a changing world.

There are few things we can take for certain in life, and the first week at summer camp is not one of them!  Despite all of the variables and curve balls, I feel we all, staff and students, have adapted well.

I'm impressed by the dreamers overall willingness to participate and gladdened to hear their expressions of feeling more relaxed.  Very happy to be providing for a change of pace in their day : )

Here's to a growth inspiring second week!

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