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The BGC publishes a monthly newsletter. In July 2015, two articles ran about these programs. One on Digital Badges and the other about Swim & Water Polo Camp.

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  • Possible roles for the BGC includes financial oversight.
    • BGC collects the funding, pays the bills, keeps an accounting.
    • BGC can hire part-time workers.
    • BGC carries insurance for some aspects of the programs.
    • BGC employs the Executive Coach for the grant, Mark Rauterkus.
  • BGC has a monthly newsletter, The Bulletin. News can be shared in that publication.
  • BGC website, Facebook page and other communication avenues can help with public relations efforts.
  • BGC has meeting space in its community center that can host large scale gatherings of participants, coaches, teachers and community members.
  • BGC has storage for keeping some of the equipment used in the programs.