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Stretching posting[]

I was doing martial arts a long time ago and was rather flexible. The last 6 years I only do weights (no stretching). Last 3 years I focus on Squat and DL. I rarely had any problems.

On April 2009 though, I started having severe muscle pains in the lower back, due to DL. Like, it would be difficult for me to get off the bed in the morning. Some times it would be difficult to lift a hand. After 1-2 days the pain would go away, but if I did DL, it would come back.

How I solved it? STRETCHING. When I was really bad, I would take the time and do some stretching on the lower back. Actually I did mostly leg stretching, because this is what I learned from my martial arts training. I was so amazed that the pain would go away. I was able to function through the day. Actually I resorted to this because I had to dig holes in the earth, at my summer house. Can you imagine that in the morning I could not get myself up from the bed, and after stretching, I was able to dig and shovel for 3-4 hours?

ALSO, DEEP SQUAT helped me recover. I lifted about 50% of my 5RM (my 5 RM is about 90 kgr). Nice and sow deep squats. It gave me a real nice feeling and stretch in the back. I was amazed by this one too.

These days I do maintenance stretching of the lower back (less leg stretching). I am much much better. I almost do not feel I ever had a problem. And I am back to moderate lifting with DL.

Bob Pitatzidis Thessaloniki - Greece