Background[edit | edit source]

Buddie Swim Clinics were part of an overall suite of proposals put forth to Pittsburgh Public Schools in the summer of 2002. This program is just one element in the aquatic, athletic and academic mission.

Snapshot:[edit | edit source]

Years ago, the Pittsburgh Public Schools started the program, "Take Your Father to School Day." This proposal and plan takes that concept seed and flows it into a next wave: Take an Parent to Swim School. As the school district officials and community begin to consider the mission and terms of five pending "Parental Involvement Centers," these programs aim to trailblaze for additional interactions among parents, students. learning at various school-sites. Engagement among the children and adults in meaningful lifelong learning within the PPS buildings These programs both promote and pilot a new wave to learning and self-discovery. Our students are being asked to participate in learning activites at the swimming pool, libraryand computer labs while joined with an adult. Parents, guardians, mentors and other significant adult partners engage with the students and the coaching staff for the duration of the activities. Facts: The schools have wonderful faciilities that are not fully utilized in the evenings, weekends and summers. The wonderful facilities include computer labs, classrooms, libraries, gyms, auditoriums and swimming pools. Parent involvement is a growing concern and focus for the overall health of the enducational process. District wide (DW) elements for parent advisory actions are new to the citizens. School board members are elected from fractions of the voters. Parents generally get concerned about the schools where their kids attend. Efforts to widen the understanding

Buddie Swim Clinics, BSC[edit | edit source]

Buddie Swim Clinics lead to an awareness of BSC, Buckeye Swim Club, Buckeye.CLOH.Org

The interplay among the various programs in the overall method is important. An effort is needed to migrate the participants to various levels at various ages and throughout lifelong learning.

The children within Pittsburgh can have a much richer experience with the activities with the creation of buddies that are nearby as well as buddies that are farther away. Our program in Pittsburgh can become a buddie with the programs in Columbus, Ohio.

A healthy and vibrant network of buddies should have nodes that are close and other notes that are remote. The Buddie Swim Clinic concepts take a proactive stance on forming connections in our web of life and aquatics with friends at all levels.

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