A for Athlete

Caitlin Leverenz


  • Swimmer at El Dorado Aquatics Club (EDAC-AZ)]]
  • in 2008 = 17 DOB: Feb 26, 1991
  • 5' 8" (172.7 cm)
  • Hometown = Tucson, Ariz.
  • former resident of Tucson, Ariz.
  • Coach = Franz Resseguie

Career Highlights:[]

Won her first senior international gold (200m breast) at the 2007 Pan Am Games ... came back two weeks later to win gold in the 400m IM and silver in the 200m IM at the 2007 Conoco Phillips National Championships ... won three medals, one gold and two bronze, at the ====2006==== World Youth Championship ... at the 2006 CP Summer Nationals, finished fifth in the 200m breast and eighth in the 200m IM ... captured silver in the 200m breast and bronze in the 200m IM at the 2006 Spring Nationals

Pan Am Games[]

2007: Gold, 200m BR Duel in the Pool History: 2007: 3, 400m IM; 3, 200m BR

United States (also known as USA) Flag of the United States Nationals[]

2007: 1, 400m IM; 2, 200 BR; 8 100 BR; 2 200 IM ... 2006: 5, 200m BR; 8, 200m IM

2007 World Rankings:[]

76th, 50m breast; 38th, 100m breast; 12th, 200m breast; 6th, 200m IM; 15th, 400m IM

2006 World Rankings:[]

43rd, 100m breast; 26th, 200m breast; 13th, 200m IM; 76th, 400m IM Intl. Results: 2006 FINA Youth Champs: 1 Gold and 2 Bronze


Holds NAG (15-16) in 200y BR, set at 2007 Long Beach Grand Prix ... Former NAG (11-12) holder in 200y BR, set at 2004 AZ Lost Dutchman Invit


National Teams: 2006 National Junior Team High School: 2006 Scholastic All-American


High School: Sahuaro HS '09

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams[]

Athletic trainer 

Family, Village, Community[]

Parents: Christopher and Jeannine … father is a geotechnical engineer, and mother is a RN and a homemaker Sibling(s): Older brother (Derek) and two younger sisters (Cara and Brianna) Started Swimming: Age 7 Sports Played Before Swimming: Soccer, ballet, gymnastics Nickname(s): KK … nicknamed KK because all of her young cousins and her sisters couldn't say "Caitlin" when they were younger Pet(s): Two cats Hobbies Outside the Pool: Yoga, Young Life, scrapbooking, reading Ultimate Way to Relax: Yoga Most Influential Person: Mom ... "She's always supporting me and helping me get through hard times." ... role model: "Tara Kirk because she has been there for me and given me encouragement despite the fact that we are competitors."

Training Notes[]


Swims 7,000 yards per day, 2-4 hours a day, 6 days a week More: Studied Latin for three years ... volunteers at church every Sunday Favorites: Music: country, alternative, pop, rock, soundtracks ... movie: Princess Bride, Moulin Rouge ... tv: Mythbusters


  • 2007 Pan American Games gold medalist

International Medals[]

2008 Swimvitational 2008: Gold, 200m BR; Gold, 400m IM; Silver, 200m IM 2007 Pan American Games 2007: Gold, 200m BR 2007 Duel in The Pool 2007: Bronze, 400m IM; Bronze, 200m BR

Top Times[]

Event 100m BR 200m BR 200m IM 400m IM Best 1:09.39 2:25.62 2:12.32 4:38.81 Year Jul 07 Jul 07 Jul 07 Jun 08

2008 Swimvitational - 16 Final, 200m FR; 1 Final, 200m BR; 2 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m IM 2007 SCY NATS - t5 Final, 100y BR; t1 Final, 200y BR; t4 Final, 200y IM; 9 Final, 400y IM

-t2 Final, 100m BR 

JR NATS - 9 Final, 200m FL SUM NATS - 8 Final, 100m BR; 2 Final, 200m BR; 2 Final, 200m IM; 1 Final, 400m IM PAN AMS - 1 Final, 200m BR SCSC GP - 6 Final, 100m BR; 3 Final, 200m BR; 19 Final, 200m FL; 1 Final, 200m IM; 2 Final, 400m IM 07 ULTRA GP - 15 Final, 200m FR; 1 Final, 100m BR; 1 Final, 200m BR; 10 Final, 200m FL; 1 Final, 200m IM; 2 Final, 400m IM MoO DiP - 3 Final, 200m BR; 3 Final, 400m IM


US OPEN - 2 Final, 100m BR; 1 Final, 200m BR; 4 Final, 200m IM; 3 Final, 400m IM SUM NATS - 5 Final, 200m BR; 8 Final, 200m IM SPG CHAMPS - 5 Final, 100m BR; 2 Final, 200m BR; 3 Final, 200m IM; 6 Final, 400m IM


SUM NATS - 22 Final, 100m BR