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Divers from China (also known as CHN) Flag of the People's Republic of China.svg won six of eight events at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, and they had hopes for a sweep in the 2008 Olympics. The Americans, on the other hand, are looking to bounce back from a medal-less showing in 2004 Olympics, the first time since 1912 they had failed to win a diving medal except for the boycotted Moscow Games,1980 Summer Olympics.

"David has been able to get in there and bug them a little bit, and Thomas is certainly capable of it," Wingfield said. "Certainly our boys have a lot of respect for their boys. I think they are starting to get some mutual respect from the Chinese."

After the Indiana University Natatorium has cleared out for the night, Boudia walked up to Wingfield and shyly asked what dives he'd be doing in Sunday's final.

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