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Juicing 3.0

http://www.popsci.com/scitech/article/2008-07/juicing-30 Stem cells, Parkinson's pills, and viruses that improve your DNA: The next generation of performance enhancers won't show up on a urine test. The history of sports is really the history of drugs in sports. From Roman gladiators hopped up on herbal stimulants to distance runners downing brandy-and-strychnine cocktails (a combination that helped American Tom Hicks win the 1904 Olympic marathon), athletes have always found ways to augment their bodies.

Steroids and human growth hormone are yesterday’s headlines. The future of performance enhancement belongs to a dizzying array of medical wizardry, including manipulating stem cells and inducing euphoric mental states, that could make the cheaters stronger and faster than ever—and catching them nearly impossible. Launch the gallery for a look at what’s coming.

Drug testing in athletes

In 2010, drug testing found 50 picograms of clenbuterol in a blood sample from Alberto Contador. There are 1 trillion picograms in 1 gram. According to experts in the field of drug testing this very small amount (50pgrm) of clenbuterol is most likely the result of eating meat from animals treated with clenbuterol. This amount is apparently 1/400th the dose most labs are capable of testing.



Avoid the use of recreational drugs, performance enhancing drugs and steroids.


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