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A for Athlete

Making Facilities Tech Ready

Whether you are building a new gym or going through rehab - you will want to make sure that your gym is "tech ready." Here are a few ideas to consider:

-wireless access throughout the gym and outdoors

-electrical outlets to accommodate plug-ins throughout the gym

-a protected area within the gym where computers can be placed permanently

-brackets in the ceiling for a projection system along with electrical plug-in and a cage to protect the projector

-wiring inside the walls - so that there are connection points for the projection system at appropriate locations

-a lighting system that allows for darkness when viewing the projected image and lightness when finished (without having to wait 10 minutes)

-sectional lighting so that only the area near the screen can be darkened

-plasma screens on the walls with electrical plug-ins

-curtains for all windows so that the gym can be darkened for projected images

-white board embedded in the walls with connections

-sound system with speakers installed and individually controlled with wires "inside the walls" for easy plug-in to a digital music player or computer.

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