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Bio when running for president of the Pittsburgh Triathlon Club[]

I’ve been part of the PTC since it’s inception in 2009, first as a member, then as Vice President and Training Coordinator and most recently, through your trust, President. Throughout the past couple years, the surge of interest in the sport has increased not only around the country but here in Pittsburgh.  As one of the fastest growing clubs in the country we’ve grown into a functional, educational, and motivational triathlon club.  From first time athletes to Ironman finishers, our club showcases some of the most impressive group of passionate and well-rounded ambassadors for the sport of triathlon.  It has been my utmost pleasure to watch the growth of the PTC as President the past two years.  With club elections right around the corner, I would love to continue to help spread the wonderful sport of triathlon and work to grow the PTC into more of a local and national platform.

With guidance from our Board of Directors (BoD), we’ve identified numerous areas of improvement and ongoing projects.  In my opinion, stopping these initiatives mid-stream with new leadership would leave unfinished business for myself and the BoD.  This holds especially true considering most of the initiatives and goals for the club are the same amongst both presidential candidates.

Some of the goals and initiatives for 2013 that I have outlined at the November 2012 Club meeting and with the board members include in no particular order:

  • Revisit – Revise Club Bylaws to better reflect the day to day operations of club
  • Establish rules and responsibilities of officer and board members on the website so duties and responsibilities are transparent amongst club members
  • Develop a communication plan through a communications officer and outline plan as part of these rules and responsibilities
  • Organize local club races between local triathlon clubs such as Morgantown Tri Club and Steel Valley Tri Club
  • Grow the club membership assuming infrastructure and leadership is engaged and committed and we are in a position to sustain substantial growth
  • Develop friendly club competition within the club amongst club members
  • Orchestrate 2-3 organized club rides this summer with picnic afterwards
  • Continue to expand training sessions outside of the metro Pittsburgh area by expanding the training officer position to a subcommittee chair position and elect additional officers within the training organization
  • Continue to expand the PTC website by including a frequently asked questions section as well as expand on training discussions amongst other valuable items that members should know
  • Elect a Marketing Officer to develop a community outreach program
  • Work with the Newsletter Officer to develop quarterly club communications
  • Continue to work hand in hand with the race directors of the Pittsburgh local area triathlon and running events

By electing a new President, there is the possibility that other board members would resign potentially causing the club to have no group representation as well as stalling and delaying all active initiatives that are currently ongoing within the club.

My involvement in endurance sport began over 20 years ago and I have also been heavily involved in the triathlon community since 2003.  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, I breathe black and gold.  I’ve committed my life to the sport of triathlon and have worked my way up from being a beginner/novice triathlete to where in 2013 I will be racing as a Professional Triathlete.  In addition to my personal achievements in sport, in 2009 I began my own coaching business where I could openly share the knowledge I’ve gained in multisport.  Being a professional triathlete, USA Triathlon Coach and representing the PTC brings great joy to me and continues to show my dedication to the sport and to the club as well as brings additional value to the club.  Hopefully through these other platforms, the PTC can leverage and obtain contacts and recognition for the club that most clubs are unable to experience.

On a professional level I have a bachelors degree from Robert Morris University and am employed by Westinghouse Electric Company as a Customer Project Manager.  My daily job functions include overseeing and managing multi-million dollar projects in the Nuclear Energy Industry.  I am also certified as a Project Manager which is a particular skill set that is beneficial when running an organization like the PTC by utilizing efficient and industry standard practices to see a project from start to finish.

Our mission in the club to help foster the growth of multisport in the Greater Pittsburgh Area, by supplying an open, supportive, educational and healthy competitive environment, and bringing together triathletes of all skill levels, and capabilities.  As much as triathlon is an individual sport, with the ‘team’ approach this club has showed in the past years, I would love to continue to help lead the way as President.

I believe the board and myself have worked tirelessly to work towards achieving these goals but as I stated above, there is still work to be done.  I would like nothing more than to have your vote to continue on as Pittsburgh Triathlon Club President for the 2013 calendar year.