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Thank you for joining our movement at the Changing the Game Project. Together we can create a more positive, player-first environment in youth sports, one which will not only increase sports participation, but develop happy AND high-performing athletes in the process.

You should have been redirected to a page on our website where you can access some training videos, as well as download free chapter from the #1 Bestseller Changing the Game.

You can also access your download, as well as a free chapter from the book Changing the Game, and some additional videos by clicking here.

The Changing the Game Project is nothing without you, so please do not hesitate to post questions on our Facebook Page, follow us on Twitter, or reply to these emails with questions, comments, or future topics you would like to see covered. You will also receive our blog posts straight to your inbox, as well as special opportunities and events exclusive to our movement makers!

Together we can create a critical mass of parents that are willing to make the changes necessary to give youth sports back to our kids.

Welcome to our movement!


John O'Sullivan, Founder John -at-

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2017 Way of Champions Coaching Conference Registration is Open! Inbox x

John O'Sullivan <> 6:32 AM (1 hour ago)

to Mark Coaching is not a profession. It is a vocation. It is a calling. Coaches work with kids in highly emotional, public competitions, and the things we say can stick with an athlete forever.

Our influence is NEVER neutral. We better be intentional about everything we say and do, because our words will leave a lasting impact. What will your legacy be?

Most coaches train for the Xs and Os, the tactics and techniques, but is that coaching? Is that sufficient? The evidence says no. Xs and Os might get you a few solid seasons, but building a championship team year after year takes the type of training you won't find in your average coaching course.

If you want to take your coaching to a whole new level, and learn about heart-centered leadership and a step by step culture building process that has won 36 NCAA titles and counting, then please join us for our Way of Champions Coaching Conference, to be held June 2-4 in Princeton, NJ! You will be joined by John O'Sullivan from Changing the Game Project, Dr. Jerry Lynch from Way of Champions, and other top coach educators such as Reed Maltbie (Changing the Game Project) and James Leath (IMG Academy) for an unforgettable weekend.

Act now, as early bird registration is only open for a limited time, and you can save $100!

Click here to check it out:

We hosted our first Way of Champions Conference last July in Boulder, CO, and were joined by coaches from 3 continents, and ten different sports. We had Olympians, NCAA champions, and so many more working together to take their coaching to the next level. Some coaches were just starting out, and some had been coaching for forty years, but nearly everyone agreed on one thing:

"This was the best coaching conference I have ever been to!"

Click here to learn more and watch our promo video:

If you have any questions about this event, or are interested in learning about staff discounts and, for the first time ever, student discounts for college athletes, please reply to this email. You won't be sorry.

As Jerry says, "You are a coach. Don't ever forget that."

We hope to see you in June!

John O'Sullivan, Founder, Changing the Game Project

Upcoming Speaking Events:[edit | edit source]

  • to learn how to host one on your community. We are now booking Summer and Fall 2017 events, so if you are interested please get in touch)

March 14-15: Massachusetts Rec and Parks Association (John)

March 16-20: TOVO Academy Coaching Course, Barcelona, Spain (John)

April 6: Live Active Summit, Edmonton, AB (Glen)

April 7: Edmonton Youth Lacrosse, AB (Glen)

April 8-9: Calgary Youth Lacrosse, AB (Glen)

April 11: Highland (IL) Parks and Recreation District (John)

April 20-21: City of Midland (TX) Aquatics (Reed)

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