Proud finishers!

After the Liberty Mile with coach and friends.

Chantal Brown


A-B-C Terms from SDA14:Edit

  • Invade, adj. Mess with. To mess with someone. Don't invade my space.
  • Push-off, verb. Streamline. I pushed off in a stream line.
  • Team, noun. Group. People that stick together. We are all on a team.
  • Vibrate, adjective. Sounds. A buzzing type of sound. When we push off, the water vibrates.
  • Yelling, verb. Scream. Shout very loud. Everyone starts yelling in water polo.

Digital BadgesEdit

  • Deep WaterGo to Deep Water

MilestonePod for SDA15 Edit

  • Serial #: 5C:31:3E:8A:3C:FC
  • Username:
  • Password:
Most-improved Carmalt girl swimmer

Most improved swimmer at Swim & Water Polo Camp in 2014 at Camp Carmalt. Way to go. Goda in the background.



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Chantal Brown is in these videosEdit

MilestonePod in SDA15Edit

  • Serial Number:
  • Username:
  • Password: CLOH


Digital Badges EarnedEdit

Projects to doEdit

  • Log onto this wiki with a username. Then you get credit for edits and changes at Special:MYPAGE.
  • Digital Badges/Goals/Level 1
  • Check out the A-B-C Book from the past and insert your photo into the page based upon your first name.

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Notes for GNC Liberty Mile participation and the Homecoming ContractEdit

  • Entered in 2015 race. Downtown pickup.
    • Finished in place #208, Chantal Brown, bib # 832, 11 F 26 10-13 Time: 15:03.44.
  • Entered in the 2014 race.
    • Chantal Brown Carmalt, SDA14 58, Time: 16:02.88. 60 10-13
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