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Sally Lee, Mark Rauterkus, Chloe Sutton at booth at the American Swim Coaches Association World Clinic in Washington, D.C. in 2017


  • Open water swimming will be held in the Beijing Olympics for the first time since the 1900 Paris Olympics. The event is formally called the Olympic 10K Marathon Swim and will be held in the Shunyi Olympic Rowing-Canoeing Park. 25 of the world's best open water female swimmers will swim 4 loops or 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) around the rowing course on August 20, 2008. 25 men will compete on the following day.
  • Typically, world-class 10-kilometer open water races are swum at a very high pace for 9 kilometers where the athletes swim in large packs with much physical contact. The athletes are provided liquids by their coaches on floating pontoons during the race. During the last one kilometer, a frantic and furious sprint to the finish begins. The race for the medals comes down to an exciting sprint where medals are won or lost by tenths of a second.





Media in May 2008[]

Kirsten Groome, Chloe Sutton to Represent U.S. at Open Water Test Event[]

May 11, 2008

"Having a second chance at reaching my Olympic dreams is a dream come true on its own." - Chloe Sutton

USA Swimming will send Kirsten Groome and Chloe Sutton to compete for the lone 10K open water spot available for the U.S. at the Beijing Test Event.

Catherine Vogt has also been named the coach for the pair heading to Beijing on May 31, 2008.

"Having a second chance at reaching my Olympic dreams is a dream come true on its own," Chloe Sutton told Swimming World. "I've become a different person since open water trials in Florida. I'm much stronger and more mature now. I'm honored to be able to represent the U.S., and I'm very excited and confident to do my very best in Beijing."

What makes this Olympic 10K qualification race in Beijing so intriguing is the fact that each country can only qualify one athlete. As reported by [10KSwimmer], in head-to-head competitions in 2007, Chloe beat Kirsten by 4 seconds in the 10K National Championships in 2007, but Kirsten beat Chloe by 8 seconds in the 10K Grand Prix and by 4 seconds in the 10K World Championship Trials.

In 2006, Kirsten won the 5K Nationals, but in 2007, Chloe won the 5K Nationals.

Chloe won the 2007 Pan American 10K Championships and 2006 Pan Pacific 10K Championships, but Kirsten won a 2007 10K FINA World Cup in Canada and was touched out by world champion Larisa Ilchenko in a 2008 10K FINA World Cup in Brazil.

It will be an incredible "race-within-a-race".


Career Highlights:[]

Won the 10K Beijing Test Event, qualifying for the 2008 Olympic Games ... earned bronze in the 5K at the 2008 Open Water World Championships ... finished third in the 10K at the Open Water World Championship Trials ... defended her national title in the 10K and won the 5K at the 2007 Open Water National Championships ... took gold in the 10K at the 2007 Pan Am Games ... Competed at the 2007 World Championships ... won gold in the 10K at the 2007 London World Cup ... took silver in the 10K at the Seville World Cup ... won gold in the 1500m free at the 2006 Victorian State Championships as a member of the U.S. National Junior Team.

World Championships[]

2007: 12, 5KM; 28, 10KM

Pan Pacs:[]

2006: Gold, 10K

Pan Am Games[]

2007: Gold, 10K

2006 World Rankings:[]

110th, 400m free; 57th, 800m free

2005 World Rankings:[]

80th, 800m free; 44th, 1500m free


  • Won the 2006 Tiburon Mile


Holds NAG (11-12) in 1650y FR, set at 2005 SE HBT "Winter Long Shot" ... Holds NAG (11-12) in 1000y FR, set at 2005 SE HBT "Winter Long Shot" ... Holds NAG (11-12) in 1500m FR, set at 2004 PC NCSA LC JRNATS ... Holds NAG (11-12) in 800m FR, set at 2004 SN Summer Sanders Invite


General Accolades: Was nominated for a Golden Goggle Award for 2006 Breakout Performer of the Year Meet Honors: 2005 Spring Nationals Female Rookie of the Meet


High School: University of Nebraska Independent Study Program '10

Ambitions, Aspirations, Goals, Dreams[]

Something medical

Family, Village, Community[]

Parents: David and Wendy … father is in the Air Force and played football for the Air Force Academy Sibling(s): Younger brother (Colin) plays football

Sports Played Before Swimming: Dance, soccer, basketball

Pet(s): Two cats (Coco and Cookie) at home with parents... "When I moved away in search of a better team (CCA), I got a kitten named Squirt, which is the name of the baby sea turtle in 'Finding Nemo.'"

Hobbies Outside the Pool: Surfing, body surfing, writing Ultimate Way to Relax: Bubble baths and naps Most Influential Person: Dad ... "He is the strongest, toughest and most honest person I know."

Training Notes[]


Swims 10-15,000 yards per day, 4 hours a day, 6 days a week More: When she was little, wanted to be a marine biologist ... loves to cook More: The Sept. 11, 2001, attacks had a big impact on her life because her dad was in the Pentagon that day ... "I appreciate him so much more." More: "I am a strong Christian and that is a big part of my life." Favorites: U.S. city: Santa Barbara, Calif. ... int'l destination: Australia ... summer activity: going to the beach ... movies: Facing the Giants, Anchorman, Down with Love, Blades of Glory ... t.v. shows: House, America's Top Model, Project Runway, American Idol


Two-time National Champion in the Open Water 10k (2006-07) 2007 Pan American Games Open Water 10k gold medalist 2008 Olympian in the 10K marathon swimming event

International Medals[]

2007 Speedo Junior Nats 2007: Silver, 400m FR; Gold, 1500m FR; Silver, 800m FR

Top Times[]

Event 400m FR 800m FR 1500m FR Best 4:10.99 8:39.76 16:32.85 Year Feb 08 Mar 08 Jan 06


SCY NATS - 4 Final, 1650y FR; 9 Final, 800y FR-R JR NATS - 2 Final, 400m FR; 2 Final, 800m FR; 1 Final, 1500m FR SUM NATS - 33 Final, 800m FR; 7 Final, 1500m FR


US OPEN - 4 Final, 400m FR; 6 Final, 800m FR SUM NATS - 21 Final, 400m FR Santa Clara GP - 2 Final, 1500m FR SPG CHAMPS - 9 Final, 400m FR; 6 Final, 800m FR; 4 Final, 1500m FR


SUM NATS - 21 Final, 800m FR; 33 Final, 1500m FR WC TRIALS - 8 Final, 1500m FR