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Proven Aquatic Safety Sign Systems[edit | edit source]

Clarion's Pool Safety Sign System Clarion Safety Systems has teamed its safety communication expertise with world-leading aquatic safety advocates to develop an innovative sign system to better manage safety and risk in aquatic environments.

This visual safety system has undergone extensive comprehension testing which confirms that its key symbols and signs are quickly recognized and clearly understood by viewers - better protecting guests from water-related accidents and helping to shield pool facilities from liability lawsuits. These testing results provide important legal documentation for pool owners who implement the pool safety sign system, demonstrating that adequate warnings were posted, should an accident occur. Of course, pool owners must be mindful that safety signs are just one element in a comprehensive water safety program.

Partners in Comprehension Testing To carry out effective, impartial comprehension testing, Clarion partnered with third-party, globally respected experts. Applied Safety and Ergonomics, Inc., a leading organization in product and occupational safety, as well as evaluation protocols in human factors issues, designed the comprehension test study and logged the results of the tests.

Testing itself was administered by the National Drowning Prevention Alliance, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing drowning through public education, advocacy and strategic partnerships.

Demographics and Methodology To conduct the testing, two key demographics were targeted: parents of children under 12 years old and pool users between the ages of 14 and 22. Together, these two groups totaled over 80% of the tested population across the country and represent the people most likely to suffer from negligent or insufficient pool warnings. The results from the polls confirm that the signs' graphical symbols, text and design philosophy enable quick and effective understanding of the most important pool safety messages.

A Systems Approach to Better Manage Risk This safety sign comprehension testing provides pool owners with the evidence needed to prove that safety messages are effective and that their legal duty to warn has been met. In addition, viewer polls of the Clarion sign system as a whole show that the Clarion signs work together to communicate safety messages.

The majority, 80% of test participants, agreed that the Clarion pool safety sign system is "better" at promoting pool safety than other common pool rules signs. “The bottom line is that there is a better way to warn than what is currently in use at aquatic facilities. Using the Clarion pool safety sign system gives you the confidence to know that you have proactively reduced the liability risk for your organization and - most importantly – kept your people safe," says Geoffrey Peckham, CEO of Clarion Safety Systems.

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No Lifeguard on Duty[edit | edit source]

Many pools in hotels and other hospitality environments are unsupervised. Pool-goers must understand that, in these unsupervised pool environments, their lives are in their own hands. 93.7% of those tested correctly identified that this symbol signified that there was no lifeguard on duty to supervise the pool.

Watch Your Children[edit | edit source]

Drowning is responsible for more deaths than any other cause except for birth defects among children ages 1 to 4.97% of test takers properly understood that the Clarion “Watch Your Children" symbol signified constant, active observation of their children.

No Diving[edit | edit source]

Another critical pool safety message is “No Diving" 100% of test takers understood this Clarion pool safety message. Just over half of all those tested considered themselves good divers, meaning that both divers and non-divers easily understood the sign.

Non-Swimmers Wear Life Jackets[edit | edit source]

Use of a life jacket considerably reduces the risk involved with lack of swimming ability and enables non-swimmers to enjoy the water along with skilled swimmers. The Clarion “Non-Swimmers Wear Life Jackets" sign achieved 93.2% comprehension among test takers, including those who were unable to swim or had children who were non-swimmers.

No Long Breath Holding[edit | edit source]

Shallow water blackout, a leading cause of swimming-related deaths, most often occurs because of lack of knowledge of the dangers of breath holding under water. 89.5% of test takers understood this Clarion pool safety message.

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