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School Districts[]

South Park Baseball in 2010: South Park school board postpones hiring baseball coach[]

October 15, 2010, By Sarah SteimerThe South Park school board in October 2010 tabled the decision to hire a high school baseball head coach.

The scheduled motion was to approve Rick Bubash as the new head coach, but parents of the players asked the board to reconsider another applicant, former South Park coach Steve Bucci.

Mr. Bucci had been head coach at Bethel Park High School last season, but the teachers union filed a grievance over his hiring. Under union policy, a teacher in the district has privilege for a coaching position — an arbitrator ruled that the district had to oust Mr. Bucci in favor of assistant coach and high school teacher Tony Fisher.

Mr. Bucci remains Bethel Park's coach pending a school board appeal of the arbitrator's ruling.

The school district is appealing the decision. Mr. Bucci, in the meantime, applied for the South Park position.

Acting South Park superintendent Jeanine Gregory and board secretary Edward Gannis Jr. were present during Mr. Bucci's interview for the coaching position. They said when Mr. Bucci was asked if he would choose Bethel Park over South Park if the case were appealed, he said he would choose Bethel Park.

Parents at the meeting, however, said Mr. Bucci felt differently. Many told the board they had spoken with him the night before, saying he would choose South Park over Bethel Park. After an executive session, the school board decided to table the motion.

To avoid any misunderstandings that may have occurred, board president John Innocenti said, the group wanted to call Mr. Bucci in for a review.

"He's a good coach," Mr. Innocenti said. "But we didn't want to hire someone who's playing us."

Before coaching at Bethel Park, Mr. Bucci had been the head coach for seven years at South Park before leaving to coachCanon-McMillan in 2006. He then led the team to a state championship in 2008.

Source: Sarah Steimer, freelance writer: suburbanliving@post-gazette.com. http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/10288/1095386-100.stm?cmpid=localstate.xml#ixzz12T6LowTf