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Seminars: Visioning a Robust Digital Citizenship Plan: Digital Literacy Skills and Resources[edit | edit source]

Transforming school culture involves many components – critical among those is a strong digital citizenship foundation.

In this session, participants will learn how to create a plan that builds a positive school culture around digital literacy and citizenship. Participants will: look at strategies for teacher buy-in, obstacles around implementation and how to overcome them, implementation plans, professional development and how to recognize that the goals have been reached by becoming a Common Sense Certified district. Join Common Sense Media and help build a whole community approach around integrating a common language among students and their families, teachers, and administrators as we embrace good digital citizenship.

Who should attend: To get the most at of the session, Common Sense recommends administrators bring a digital citizenship team (2-3 stakeholders.) This team can include principals, curriculum coordinators, K-12 educators, librarians/media specialists, and/or instructional coaches.

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