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Mission Statement[edit | edit source]

Living as champions in both service to others and growers of relationships

The Friends swim team is a catch-all title that applies to an overall network. Actual team names vary.

Friends Swim Team is a non-profit competitive swim team. We have a membership in USA Swimming, Inc. and compete in our community as well as with the other 4,000 teams in America as well as with over 100 countries which send swimmers into Olympic and other international competition. We have programs for every age and ability of swimmer, from five-year-olds to adult masters and fitness swimmers. Though coached by highly trained professionals, the active leadership and participation of elected community members as well as of every family with children or adults involved in our program is not only encouraged, but essential. Our mission statement reflects our values which we have carefully chosen and aligned with immutable principles in which we sincerely and consciously believe and actively follow (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE VALUES AND PRINCIPLES agreed upon in our first two mission meetings). We hold ourselves accountable to these principles and consistently measure our progress by developing ways to measure and demonstrate each member's and the team's passionate belief in our mission statement. Though we manifest our mission in our activities in competitive swimming at all levels, we have purposely left our mission statement open to include and be compared with all teams in every field. We believe that only by learning from and comparing ourselves with the positive attributes of teams in business, education, various other sports and other outstanding institutions and individuals we will be successfully challenged to reach a level of service and relational accomplishment which matches our love of those who swim on our team. Ways we can tell we are making progress toward our vision and remain aligned with our mission: 1. The number of active members of our parent support group grow from month to month. This number is published. 2. Our swimmers swim faster and improve at a faster rate than the other 4,000 teams in USA Swimming and most, if not all, of the rest of the swimming world. We measure this, publish the results of our team and individual contribution, and do whatever it takes to improve. 3. The number and quantified quality of relationships outside of our immediate team are improving on a monthly accountable basis. 4. Our team growth is an essential part of our mission, and this is reflected both in the amount and percentage of our budget and time expenditures.

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This is a competitive mission statement for this competitive swim team. Competition is one of our values. Yet we believe that part of the wisdom and fun of our mission statement is that, in order to win, our competitors in leadership don't have to lose. In fact, it is only by assisting even our competitors, that our mission will truly come to full fuition. Some competitors will allow us to help only by competing with us, or only by learning from our example, but even this is rewarding and helps to positively improve the world. We believe that friendship and fun isn't something you turn off and on. We treat our competitors with the same respect as those who are in our family. Though not everyone we may deal with may be trusted, we will always be trustworthy. Though not everyone may want to shake our hands, our hands will remain extended before and after each race, no matter what the outcome. Because our mission is based on principles, we are confident that the pursuit of them is always in our best interest and that the only way we can lose is not to be consistent in their pursuit. Our swimmers, once they integrate this mission and demonstrate these principles in training and competition in swimming, are forever protected from the normal fear of losing and the normal acceptance of mediocrity. We feel a compelling need to build the environment of service and passionate, heartfelt, and honest relationships, not just because those relationships may benefit us and our children and friends, but because it's right to do so. This mission leads us to an important statement of vision as well as to accountable and passionate goals for this year and beyond. Corona Aquatics, as a team, a non-profit business, and as each swimmer, parent, coach, and board member, are champions at serving people and growing relationships. And that's why our swimmers win, our community wins, our coaches win, and even our competitors lives are positively influenced. A rising tide lifts all boats, and we are actively instigating, planning, and working toward that rising tide. There are many reasons a swim team may exist. This is ours. Whether it is an extraordinary mission or not, and we believe it is, the real measure of these words is in the results which come from it. We believe that if this mission truly states the heart of our coaches, swimmers, and those who support them, the results will certainly be extraordinary, and so will each of our lives. The time and energy spent in this endeavor will be paid back a thousand times by the incredible impact Corona Aquatics will have on people's lives.

Corona Aquatics Proposed Mission Statement: "We serve people and grow relationships better than any other team" Corona Aquatics Vision and Goals Rough Draft Vision: By December, 2002, Corona Aquatics includes over 200 active competitive swimmers. We have budgeted and spend fifteen percent of all revenues to promote the growth and extended insluence of our team. Every member of our team knows and understands our mission. We serve every other group in the city with a similar mission to ours. We personally know each principal and athletic director and coach of youth activities in our circle of influence. We have an instituted and working plan to meet new people and to nurture the relationships we presently have through the use of all our members. For example someone on our team personally knows each city government member, each school board member, etc. Our coaching staff continues to train to improve their relationship leadership as well as their technical knowledge of our sport. Each of our swimmers is a leader in training, armed with tools to make friends and to help them reach their goals by demonstrating the teamwork which leads them to their best performance in and out of competitive practice and competition. Every member of our team is armed with the physical and knowledge resources to promote and grow our team. For example everyone has a stack of cards, flyers, and brochures. This means that over 600 people are actively promoting our team growth at any given time (200 swimmers and 400 parents). We have budged for this, have printed first class materials, and maintain the inventory as well as the checklist of opportunities for promotion of our team and, thereby our extention of influence. We have the architectural plans for a first class training facility and are actively persuing its funding, construction, and optimal use when built. We are committed to zero drowning in our community. This means that every child and adult will somehow have an opportunity to learn to swim and to learn to swim well. We are committed to a "fit for life" policy in our community with swimming taking a lead role in reaching that goal. Goals: Immediately we will empower each athlete and parent and any other stakeholders or volunteers to promote the growth of our influence. We will print our business cards, flyers and brochures to reflect our mission, on first class paper with first class ink to reflect our professional ability to lead this non-profit organization. We will empower those with the demonstrated gifts and hearts to build relationships with the mayor, the city council, the chamber of commerce, each other sports club, including Circle City Aquatics, soccer, etc., the school board, each principal, etc. We will empower others who may already have relationships with local and other influential business people to serve them in as many creative ways as possible. For the next twelve months, our primary manifestation of our mission will be to build our team internal numbers and external influence. Our second most important goal will be to make this team the most fun participation activity in our community. This will include four quarterly travel or training meets outside our center of influence. A December training trip to Hawaii for the seniors and Arizona for the age groupers will take place the week following December 26, for example. Each family will participate in Scrip purchases at a level of at least $500 per family per month as well as three other pay or play opportunities. The makeup of the leadership will change to reflect the team mission and vision. There will be one person responsible only for relationship building and service. This person will lead more than do, with accountability to be measured in the percentage of the team actively building relationships and serving and the growth in the influence of the team on a monthly basis. There is one person responsible only for team growth. This person will keep tabs on expenses within the budget, distribution of materials and people throughout our targets of increased influence, and most important, the bottom line growth of the team. We look forward to cheering this leader and his or her efforts and those who follow him or her on a weekly basis. Each area of this team will set and measure their goals now in line with the team mission and vision, so many goals will follow and will be organized in line with the team structure. No one person is to be overloaded with these goals; instead the numbers of people feeling empowered to assist and empowered by these goals will increase by threefold in the first three months sicne the setting of the mission. Parent meetings MUST be fun. include food and lots of applause. (: Corona Aquatics Proposed Mission Statement: "We are Champions at Serving People and Growing Relationships " Principles and Values of Members of Corona Aquatics

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