A for Athlete


  • Pittsburgh, PA, USA used to hold a corporate cup athletic event every year. This stoppd in early 1990s when a few key employees left the Downtown YMCA.

Called: Pittsburgh YMCA Commnity Corporate Cup.


  • John Cigna, Honorary Chairman
  • Sponsored by:
    • Blue Cross of Western PA / Pennsylvania Blue Shield
    • The United Way
    • Consolidated Natural Gas

New Team Starter Kit (archived)[]

Team Captain Responsibilities[]

  • Read tules and eligibility manual
  • Recruit event captains
  • Process necessary paperwork
  • Have fun

Recruit the event participatns (maximum 50). Spouses are permitted to participate.

Get the team member's signatures on each event release form.

Return the event release with the team members' signatures and birth dates (where applicable) to the Company Team Captian by a certain date.

Attend the event training or delegate this to an event team member.

Understand the rules for the YMCA Community Corporate Cup, the event and the sport where established rules are invoked (i.e., basketball, volleyball, 10K race).

Interpret the rules to the event team members prior to event.

Make sure the event team members have the proper equipment/ tools / clothing as designated in the YMCA Community Corporate Cup rules.

Make sure the event team members have information regarding the start times, dates and locatoin for events. Updated schedules, maps and directions will be provided at the event training sessions.

Arrive at the event at least one hour before your scheduled game. This time will be necessary to attend to last minute roster changes (everyone else will have this problem, not you!) and to register your team. Games cannot be held for late teams.

The Downtown YMCA and other designated YMCA of Pittsburgh locations have been designated as training sites for your participants June, July, August and September at NO CHARGE to participatnts. Each partiipant must present the YMCA Community Corporate Cup membership card at the training location upon entry.


  • Things can and will go wrong. Team members will get sick, hurt, move away or just plain get cold feet about participating. have a few subs in mind in case this happens to you. Final rosters can be submitted on event day except for the 10K race.
  • People get excited and anxious in their determination to win. Remind everyone from time to time that this is FUN.
  • You are not alone! Your company team captain and YMCA Corporate Cut staff and executive committee members are ready, willing and able to help you. Let us know what you need, and we'll be there for you.
  • Most of all, have fun yourself. And, give yourself a Big Pat on the back for volunteering to help your team and your company.


Company Name and Address:

President or CEO:

Human Resources Director:

Number of employees in company: __ as of ___ (date). This includes full and part-time employees, 18 years or older continually employed for three months or more.

Entry Fees:


  • Division I with 25 to 99 employees cost $700
  • Division II with 100 to 299 employees cost $800
  • Division III with 300+ employees cost $950

(The DI, DII and DIII were always backwards. The largest company group should be DI.)

$100 discount if paid before July 1.

  • These fees included the Great Race 10K registration fee.
  • Maximum of 50 employees per team.
  • Miximum of 10 teams per company.
  • Spouses may participate.
  • Training sites will be provided at no extra charge to participants from June to September.

Enlosed is the check for $___ for ___ teams in the Corporate Cup, made payable to Downtown YMCA.

Indicate the captain or contact person for each team etnered.

Executive Committee for 1993[]

This was the last year of the event. So, these people helped to see its death.

  • John Cigna
  • Mike Cassidy, Co Chair, Kabala Geeseman
  • Edward Stewart, Co Chair, Consolidated Natural Gas Co
  • George Babish, Downtown YMCA
  • Susan Boyle, VanDine, Humphrey, Herbert, Alber, and manges, Inc.
  • Ethel Scheiser Christin, Comprehensive Facility Services,
  • Bill Clifford, Dickie, McCamey & Chilcote
  • Robert McBee, Robert Moris College
  • Mike Radley, Citiparks
  • Timothy Snyder, Development Counsel, Apfel Snyder International

Schedule of Events[]

  • Miniature Golf, Harmarville, 10 am on a Saturday
  • 10K Race, Pittsburgh Great Race, Sunday am
  • Breastroke Relay, Downtown YMCA, 6 pm on a Thursday
  • 60 x 50 Relay Swim Downtown YMCA, 7 pm
  • Banner, 9 am
  • Cheerleading and Pep Rally, 10 am
  • 6 x 100 yard running relay, 11 am
  • Tug-o-war, 11:30 am
  • Volleyball, 1 pm
  • Basketball, started at 9 am with finals at 1 pm
  • Racquetball Doubles, Downtown YMCA
  • Timed Bike Race, Schenley Park
  • 5K run, Schenley Par
  • Award and closing, at Market Square, at noon
  • Healthy Company, ongoing.