A for Athlete


  • Cynthia Brooks at (937) 830-6319.



  • teaches rehabilitative exercise classes in Beavercreek, using a warm-water therapy pool (94 degrees).
  • Cynthia Brooks is a certified Hydro Pilates and Silver Splash instructor, with a master’s degree in physical education and aquatic therapy, rehab institute training.

“I’d like to see everyone give water exercise a try,” she says.
 “It’s the most effective rehabilitation being practiced, and its therapeutic properties have been nothing short of miraculous.

“The warm water helps those with joint problems/replacements, back problems, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and those who want to work on Hydro Pilates.

“I teach people how to strengthen, stretch and improve balance, as well as work on gait training and extensive “back hab.”

Patients try it because of the buoyancy and resistance properties of the water.

“The majority of water exercises initiate movements from the abdominal, lower back, hip and buttock areas, flowing outward to the extremities.

“You simultaneously stretch and strengthen the body, creating a habit of relaxed effort to follow,” she said.

“This type of exercise is kind to the body, invigorating and ultimately relaxing.

“The water allows for quicker progress due to less pain, which in turn produces greater enthusiasm and motivation to continue.

“Anyone can benefit from rehabilitative water exercise. It can be performed by young and old alike, healthy and not-so-healthy, and women who are pregnant,” she says.