A for Athlete


High School Swimmer[]

  • Awesome attendance at swim practices, best in the team in 2012.
  • Scored at championships, 2012, 50 free, 28.93.
  • In 100 free dropped at championships from 1:10 seed time to 1:06.83, 2012.

Daniel a few years back.

Matt and Danield

Signs used for the kids before and after the Liberty Mile.

Mr. Dan, Miss Goda, and Mr. Erik. Daniel Goldstein, Goda and Erik Rauterkus. These three were the main staff people at Camp Carmalt. Other helpers included Amber Sipe, Keino Fitzpatrick and Destin Groff.

Mr. Dan in goal.

Daniel Goldstein

Coaching at Camp Carmalt[]

Mr. Dan organizes the students at the park after a day of running and exercise.