A for Athlete

A-B-C terms[]

  • Goal, noun, Something that you have to get into to score. Touchdown. I made a goal when I was playing soccer. 

Reflection from Demetrius[]

  • Who do you look up to?
    • The two basketball players I look up to is Kevin Durant and LeBron James. the reason why I look up to them is because they both are down to earch. The also take what they do very seriously and that is very important. they both give back to their community. they don't let the fame get to their head. Also they are my two favorite players in the NBA. They both care about a lot of people.
  • The sport I'm good at is basketball. I can do the spider with the ball. I can make a lot of shots in a row. I can barely dunk the ball in the hoop. My vertical is very good. I can run very fast down the court. I can dunk the ball from the baseline.