EMS Badge

Level 7, EMS


Step 1


  • 4-H Volunteer Badge


  • 4-H

In what program(s) can this badge be earned?Edit

  • 4-H Summer Program, Summer Dreamers Swim & Water Polo

Competency. What are you badging?Edit

  • Rules & Procedures
  • Empathy

Evidence. What does it look like to demonstrate this competency?Edit

  • Complete Volunteer Screening form and Singed Code of Conduct
  • Complete first volunteering opportunity

Activities. What activities produce the intended evidence of this competency?Edit

  • 4-H affiliated volunteering opportunities

Do you think of this as a: Check all that apply.Edit

  • Knowledge

Step 2: Badges build bridges to other opportunities. How does this badge connect to other offerings in the community?


At other organizations?Edit

In your organization?Edit

Step 3:

Name of Badge:Edit

  • 4-H Volunteer Badge

Short Description (~50 characters):Edit

  • Badge certifies completion of 4-H volunteer requirements

Remake Learning Focus Area (circle all that apply):

  • Career Readiness

Formal Description (~160 characters):Edit

  • This badge certifies completion of first volunteering event after screening and signed code of conduct.

How long will it take to earn this badge?Edit

  • A few hours

Who created this badge? (Name(s), role(s))Edit

Who will issue this badge? (Name(s), role(s))Edit

How and when will the issuer evaluate whether a student earned this badge? What are the criteria for earning the badge?Edit

  • After the forms have been completed and turned in and before the end of the program

What artifacts or evidence could be shared associated with earning this badge?Edit

(URL, Text, Photo, Video, Audio)

How, when, and by whom will badge issuers and evaluators be trained?Edit

Will the evaluation be ongoing (formative) or at the end of the program (summative)?Edit

Pick one:


Circle the method by which this badge will be assessed:Edit


Remake Learning Competency (please identify the competency or competencies most aligned with this badge):Edit

(circle all that apply):


Will earning this badge be a goal/requirement for all participants in your program?Edit

Is this badge connected to other badges? If so, how?Edit

(e.g. a student must first earn another badge in order to be eligible to earn this badge, this badge can be earned separately from or concurrently with another badge, etc.)

  • Yes, the 4-H sports-ethics badge that require volunteering events completion will necessarily require this badge first.

What challenges might exist that hinder the issuing of this badge?Edit

  • Diversity of volunteering opportunities that all would qualify for the distribution of this badge.

What will success look like for your badging program?Edit

  • An accurate participation tally through the badge system of volunteers at the different events, and an increase in the total number of volunteers through badging incentives paired between 4-H and Pittsburgh Sports League sports-ethics levels.

Technology Audit: What technology is available to support students in setting up online accounts?Edit

(i.e. full access to computers/tablets, partial access to computers/tablets, access to internet but no access to computers/tablets, no access to internet on program premises, etc.)

Additional Discussion PromptsEdit

(keep the conversation going with your Helpdesk member)

What unique benefits does this badge provide to your program?Edit

What unique benefits does this badge provide to program participants (earners)?Edit


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