Snowball XP

Level 0, Snowball (melted)

Feet Wet XP

Level 1: Get Your Feet Wet

Apprentice XP

Level 2: Volunteer Apprentice

Volunteer Badge

Level 2, Volunteer

Walk-on-badge 1

Level 3, Walk-On

Recruit-badge 1

Level 4, Recruit

Draft-pick-badge 1 1

Level 5, Draft Pick

Rookie-badge 1

Level 6, Rookie

Player-badge 1

Level 7, Player

Police Badge

Level 7: PAL

EMS Badge

Level 7, EMS

Teacher Badge

Level 7, Teacher

Firefighter Badge

Level 7, PBF

Starter-badge 1

Level 8, Starter

All-Start badge 1

Level 9, All-Star

Super-Star badge 1

Level 10, Super Star

Team Owner badge

Level 14, Team Owner


These community-engagement and sports-engagement badges track and acknowledge participants at all levels. This suite of digital badges address leadership, trust and volumes of work.

The Digital Badges also offer an opportunity for recognition. These Digital_Badges/Helpers are inclusive of students, citizens, parents, volunteers, junior staff aids, athletes, professional workers, coaches, officials and community members of all ages and backgrounds. Sponsor and donor badges and other categories for retirees are expected too.



The low-level badges are functional such that the simplest badges mark the completion of certain milestones useful for tracking employees, volunteers, and students. At events, after a participant sets up their badge profile, signs a photo release form, (and liability waiver if the event requires it), and wants to join or help in the City of Learning badging process (through either giving or working towards badges) he/she earns a Level 1 badge for getting their feet wet in the badging process.

Additionally, at 4-H service events, the volunteer screening form and the 4-H Code of Conduct as well as any necessary clearances need to be completed, at which point the individual is recognized with the volunteer (if older than 18) or volunteer apprentice (if younger than 18) badges and able to participate in the service event. These badges also link to necessary documents for ease of access and organization. The badging process continues with service goal marks that escalate as volunteers' skills and knowledge are noticed. Life-long achievement marks of distinction and disposition are to the top of the ladder for those who not only regularly volunteered throughout their lives, but who shaped the sandlots of the city.

The Sports-Ethics badges can be awarded and revoked. Spreading miss-information and using poor judgement make causes for concern and the badge system can respond appropriately. As issues occur, see the Review Committee.

A Digital Badges/Helpers start with a rudimentary registration (i.e. signing of photo release waiver, registration with an emergency phone number, providing a photo, email, wiki-page and getting into the attendance system). ontinue by rewarding participants for continued participation in both sports and volunteering events with several marked goals (e.g. 10 of each, 50 of each, etc.). The summative disposition badge for summer programs in the sports-ethics concentration would be a sportsmanship badge, because sportsmanship is essentially the comingling of sports teamwork performance and ethical, respectful behavior.

  • Idea: Snowball app.

Ladder of EngagementEdit

  • Digital_Badges/Helpers range from Get Your Feet Wet to Mt. Rushmore status. The progression has volunteer and some other specific role designations for Police, Firefighters, EMS, and Teachers. Ladder from Walk-on, Recruit, Draft Pick, Player, Starter, All-League, All-Star, Superstar, Emeritus, HOFer (Hall Of Fame), CLOH-retired (Collegiate Letterman (Letter-earner) Of Honor), Referee, Official, Team Owner, Rooney-like, Benefactor.

Levels and letters are part of the badge nameEdit

  • Level 0: Historical Housekeeping Digital Badges/4-H/00 White
    • The 0 badge can be given without the earner's knowledge, for any act, even in the past.
      • If you were in Summer Dreamers three years ago, before Digital Badges were used, this badge might already given to you without your knowledge. This is the badge to fling at the masses in blanket statements. All those that attended Take A Father to School Day, you've all be awarded a Digital Badge, just because your name is on the list. It is like a snow-ball badge or ice cube badge in that its staying power is limited.
  • Level 2: Apprentice Volunteer (for those 17 and younger)
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