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Eddie Wilson 8-25-2009

Eddie Wilson


  • PPS Employee in 2009 as Activities Project Manager for 2010 summer enrichment efforts.
  • Worked for BellExel for some time.


Eddie is a recent graduate from the Heinz School of Public Policy and Management at Carnegie Mellon University. He has his M. in Public Policy and Management with a concentration in Education Policy. Prior to joining PPS, Eddie was a School Program Manager in DC as well as a Director of Instruction for Lighthouse Academies. Eddie taught for four years in North Carolina as a Teach For America corps member and a math teacher for a KIPP school in Gaston.


  • To issue a new RFP for summer 2010 for middle school enrichment.
    • Hope the RFP includes a better section on Intellectual Property and Copyright. [[Mark Rauterkus] wanted to change the old-school IP elements to include Creative Commons options.

Works with[]

  • Lauren Meehan: (412-622-3987) lmeehan1@pghboe.net
  • Tanya Graham: (412-622-3984) tgraham2@pghboe.net
  • Allison McLeod: (412-622-3983) amcleod1@pghboe.net
  • Eddie Willson: (412-622-3985) awillson1@pghboe.net



  • Part 1 of Pre Bid Meeting concerning the RFP - Blip.TV [1]
  • Part 2
  • etc.